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Wanna see every single place that GOD had made for us and make a huge new friends around the world...

33 yrs, Female, Single
Bekasi, Indonesia
4 hours ago in Indonesia
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I'm interested in meet travel companions, show off my city, share advice, find a tour guide or holiday, share accommodation, rideshare, meals and activities.

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Want To Go10 places, 212 views, 1 shared
  • Venice
  • Bangkok
  • Turkey
  • Maldives
  • United States
  • Paris
  • London
  • Japan
  • South Korea
Have Been Here2 places, 122 views
  • Java Island
  • Singapore

Additional Info

really like to get in the water, beach, river....just for taste the water....happy just being near the water....funny??? i think yes....i love laugh, and i love to see people around me laugh...thats make me happy cant do hiking extremely, because of my leg got accident 2 years ago...i can do it but in slow time....but love to play at the beach and of course culinary travel.... want to see what had GOD made for us....want to refresh my mind after get busy in office....want to have a lot of memory about the place that i had entered with many pict, and for find new friends across the world.... who can make me laugh.....and enjoy they time with me... selfphone for a maps and googling, camera... English, Indonesian(formerlyin)

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