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Touristlink.com is the social platform for travel. Travel is all about new experiences. No matter where you're going, Touristlink gives you opportunity to get a real feel of the culture. Meet up with a local for a coffee or beer, find travel companions to share the journey, or if you want arrange a tour with an independent guide.

Meet locals and fellow travelers

Touristlink lets you connect both with fellow travelers and with locals no matter where you are going. Whether you're looking for a new friend to show you the city or a traveling companion, it's a good place to start a conversation.
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Meet locals and fellow travelers

Great trips and tours

Independent tour operators from around the world have listed over 20,000 trips on Touristlink. You can contact theses providers directly and see reviews from other travelers. We make it easy to arrange your trip directly with the person organizing it rather than a travel agent reselling it at a higher cost.
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Get answers to your travel questions

Have a question? Just ask and you can get expert response from a local or someone who has already been there.
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Share your travels

Create your travel passport. Make colorful lists of where you have been and where you want to go. Create your own customized lists such as "Mountains I have Climbed" or "Favorite Museums in Spain" and share them or view them as mini-travel guides which can be easily converted to pdf and printed. Highlight your travels and your trips on your own profile.
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Discover amazing destinations

Touristlink provides travelers with lists of attractions at each destination based on our members' rankings and reviews. As our membership increases, our rankings of tourist destinations and activities will become an incredibly valuable feature of the website. Letting users see how members who surf rank beaches in Bali or how birdwatchers rank wildlife sanctuaries in India.
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