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We are Africa specialist tour operator based in Kenya and Europe .Our clients are our best friends by always providing the best possible product with the highest quality of services and…

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Mombasa, Kenya
2 weeks ago
"Having planned the safari trip in Kenya from…”
- Gabriela,  
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Maasai Mara is arguably the most visited where virtually…
Take a trip with LiReise Tour on Diving Safari in the…

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LiReise Tour is primed to take you to Safari which has a lot of thrill, breathtaking views, migration of wildebeest and spectacular animal encounters e.g gazelle’s taking their first steps, unaware of the hungry predators the likes of hyenas ready to pounc City tours, safari destinations, educational trips, business trips, honeymoon destinations, air ticketing, hotel booking and accommodation, airport transfers and car rentals, We would like to welcome everyone to enjoy what they love most about safari. Whether it’s a private safari for your child or a safari for yourself, feel free to contact us to ask any question you may have. All ages and all races Schlossallee. 10, 53179 Bonn, Germany
WhatsApp : +49 15774068003
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Having planned the safari trip in Kenya from Mombasa, we approached more that 20 companies for their offer and I have to admit that from time to time we got little bit frustrated as the communication was not exactly smooth or the companies only offered us the packegad that they had prepared and they were not able to make any modifications. Having special requirements as seeing more parcs in less time seemed to be unreal for them or they put an absurd price tag on it. And then, we came across LiReise tour and all the struggles went away as Lilian, the manager, was so great and helpful. The communication was super easy, Lilian seemed to work 24/7 as she replied quicky and also late in the evenings/during weekends which comes very handy once you plan the trip as it allows you to move forward quickly with your plans. Not only the communication was great, but Lilian also managed to offer us exactly what we wanted - 2 days safari to Tsavo East and West for a very favorable price. We paid everything online through PayPal in advance so it was also well-handled. And yet the best part of this experience was yet to come. Nelson, the guide/driver, and Elly, the national coordinator, picked us up exactly on time in Mombasa and our best moments in Kenya started. They were great people to have around once you go on safari - super careful about your needs, very knowledgable, incredibly fun and basically taking care about you all the times. Plus, the most important thing - Nelson did not hesitate to take the bumpier roads or more time to make sure that you see as many animals as possible and he made sure we did not miss anything even within the very short period of time as we had for the safari. I am sure it was not my last time in Keny and even more sure is that I would want to enjoy the services of LiReise tour again as I could not be more satisfied and I would recommend them to everybody from my friends who will ever happen to go to Kenya because they were perfect and I dont have even one thing I would complain about. Many thanks again for everything, you made me love the trip to Kenya!! Keep doing the great job :)
- Gabriela,