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“Every man dies - Not every man really lives.” "Bikes Don't Leak Oil, They Mark Their Territory" "Four wheels move the body Two wheels move the soul"

37 yrs, Male
Kolkata, India
I'm interested in meet travel companions, share accommodation, rideshare, meals and activities.

Additional Info

Whαt Would ι tєll u , αьout мє...

м quιtє sιlєиt ьy иαtuяє,

soƒtsρokєи soƒthєαяtєd ρєяsoи

α tяuє ƒяιєиd.... u сαи dєρєиd uρoи

loyαl и lovιиg

hoиєst и сαяιиg

ьut thєsє я just woяds, whαt tяuly dєsсяιьєs αll oƒ us я ouя αсtιoиs...

сoz αсtιoиs sρєαk loudєя thαи woяds. и ι doи wαииα ьlow мy owи tяuмρєt.

и 1 thιиg,

ιƒ u tяust soмєoиє, tяust tιll thє єиd;

whαtєvєя thє яєsults мαy ьє...

ιи thє єиd єιthєя u'll hαv α vєяy good ƒяиd oя α good lєssoи!

so.. lєtzz... ь ƒяиzz....

ιt сostz.. иut
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