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    Ruvie Joy Tolentino
    From ,   

    Me and my friends really enjoyed vietnam tour. Our first time to visit vietnam and we have no regret choosing Ms Lee's proposed tour package. Thank you Ms Lee for a very nice package you gave is really worth it

    May 7, 2017
    Gladys Trizh Caporado
    From ,   

    It was my friend who joined in their pkg tour group site then she contact my friend on facebook then give us a information that their traveƱ agency offer hotel and tour pkg.. It is our first time to go travel in vietnam but we sre really thsnkful that ms lee was really accomadtsting even though at first we have so many question and asking her to give us a very low price pkg..we have flight date already so we confrm our tour pkg after 2days of negotation with the price and pkg and then she ask us to send money of atleast $ 100 (downnpayment) as a proof that we confrm on her we send the money and yez we are in doubt coz we never met her or know her but we are so blessed bec when we arrived in vietnam from airport to hotel they accomodate us and have a safe tour.. I can say ms lee is a kind and good in person as she treat us for a breakfast just to meet her and it was our time to thank her for great accomodation.. I do recommend their travel agency as well for good tour and choose of a hotel

    Apr 30, 2017
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