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    Basaija Vitalic
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    Being on of the only tour operator in East Africa offering Medical Tourism in Uganda we take our business far and bring our success closer. We are now the only Authorized Agents for Kokilaben hospital and Medical research institute based in Mumbai.
    Never worry where ever you are in the world we are here to coordinate for you everything. just send your Medical report on /+256783080596 OR +256701868347 .
    You will get the help you need before the end of the day.

    Jan 30, 2014
    Livingword Worldministries
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    .. You would expect to enjoy the gems of the national park during the day and enjoy the comfort of the Mweya safari lodge through the course of the night, well think again because in my experience I enjoyed both the succulent T-bone steak I ordered at the lodges terrace restaurant and the company of a group of about 8 to 12 hyenas at a safe distance of about 7 meters with their naughty sounding laugh. All was well until a german tourist felt obliged to share the left overs of his dinner with the hyenas, and gradually the 7 meters of safety dwindled to 2 meters and the decibels of their now irritating laughter got unbearable, until the restaurant staff advised us all to enter into the safety of the dining hall.

    Jan 11, 2014
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