Serengeti Cultural, Wildlife & More

Serengeti Cultural, Wildlife & More

What's Included?

- 10-nights accommodation in hotels and other lodgings, as specified in the itinerary
- Meals as specified for each day of the itinerary
- Transportation by private FWD vehicle, equipped with roof hatches, VHF radio, and GSM contact with our base in Arusha
- The services of a professional safari guide
- Olmoti crater hike, Empakai crater and Maasai cultural visit
- Mto Wa Mbu Biking
- Lake Eyasi cultural visit
- Olduvai Gorge Visit
- Crater Rim Walk
- Lake Natron Waterfalls and lake tour
- Lake Natron gate entry fees
- Park and Crater entry fees
- Airport transfers upon arrival and departure
- One (1) bottle of pure drinking water per day throughout the safari
- Medical Evacuation Insurance (covering Emergency Ground Flying Doctors).


11 days

Destination Covered

Serengeti National Park and Zanzibar

Best Suited

All, Budget, Families, Groups, Honeymoon, Kids, Luxury, Solo travellers
Day 1: Arrival – Kilimanjaro International Airport – Arusha City)
Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), our representative will meet you and transfer you to your hotel for an overnight stay. Your professional safari guide will brief you during dinner on various aspects of your itinerary. Classic: African Tulip Hotel (Bed & Breakfast) Deluxe: Lake Duluti Serena (Bed & Breakfast)

Day 2: Arusha City - Tarangire National Park
After breakfast, your driver-guide will pick you up from your hotel and you will enjoy the 2 hr (74 mile/120km) leisure drive southwestwards to Tarangire NP. In this region in Tanzania, Hemmingway often went on big game hunting safaris. After the formation of its national parks in 1970, Tanzania turned the seasonal marshes and the endless savannah that you see today into, once again, profitable hunting grounds. Today however, cameras have thankfully replaced elephant guns.
The Tarangire National Park has the highest concentration of elephants in North - Tanzania and you can view these animals all year round where elephant herd populations can reach as many as 3,000. The Tarangire River has water all year around. During the dry season (July-October), many animals from the surrounding areas come to the river to drink. If you visit the park during the dry season, you will witness an unforgettable natural wonder as you observe exotic big mammals such as lions, giraffes, buffaloes, wildebeests, zebras and various types of antelopes such as gazelles. During the dry season, Tarangire is a haven for bird watchers with over 550 different species including the Maasai Ostrich-the world’s largest bird. Around lunchtime, you will stop at a suitable picnic place. The afternoon is dedicated to more wildlife watching. Classic: Maramboi Tented Camp (3 Meals) Deluxe: Tarangire Safari Lodge (3 Meals)

DAY 3: Tarangire NP - Lake Natron – Waterfalls & Lake Tour
You will depart early to Lake Natron. This day involves a strenuous climb for the well-fit through crags of rock formed millions of years ago in the Rift Valley to bathe in cool waterfalls deep within a Rift Valley canyon. Wear hiking shoes that will get wet. You will have lunch while sitting on the rocks, enjoying the beautiful view of the waterfalls. In the late afternoon, you will head out for tour of Lake Natron. Lake Natron is an alkaline lake that supports thousands and thousands of flamingos. Later drive to the camp for evening leisure and hot dinner. Classic/Deluxe: Lake Natron Halisi Camp (3 Meals)

Day 4: Lake Natron- Manyara National Park Nature Walk and Game Drive
You will depart early to Lake Manyara National Park nature walk inside the park and later proceed with your game drive. The park is green throughout the year because of its underground water sources. Its verdant color attracts hundreds of spectacular varieties of migratory and wetland birds flying overhead. It also attracts huge populations of flamingos because its shallow alkaline-saline (salt) soda lake creates an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow that flamingos’ feed upon. Manyara's natural habitat also includes large troops of baboons, velvet monkeys, blue monkeys, and tree climbing lions, elephants, hippos, giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, buffalos, elephants, warthogs, impalas, Thomson-gazelles, and Grant gazelles. Leopards, cheetahs, rock/tree hyrax, kudus, elands, bushbucks, waterbucks, and dik-diks also live in this park. Classic: Tloma Lodge (3 Meals) Deluxe: Lake Manyara Serena Lodge (3 Meals)

Day 5: Karatu – Lake Eyasi
Depart for cultural visit with the Hadzabe Bushmen, one of the most remote and last hunter-gatherer tribes on earth. We participate in various interactive daily activities with the Hadzabe, including bush trek, hunting, honey gathering, baobab fruit foraging, tribal chanting, dancing and sitting around their daily campfires. Time spent with the Hadzabe Bushmen, as with other cultural groups visited, is not choreographed in a specific way. We just join in whatever they are doing during their day. Things need to stay flexible because, if game is near, the Hadzabe dash off into the bush for it and we join them. In the late afternoon, we join the Datoga tribe, another well preserved traditional tribe in the Lake Eyasi area, and participate in whatever they are doing, such as making yogurt in a calabash, milking cows, making butter and joining their traditional dances. Later in the evening dive back to the lodge/camp for dinner and overnight. Classic: Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge (3 Meals) Deluxe: Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp (3 Meals)

Day 6: Lake Eyasi - Olduvai Gorge - Serengeti National Park
After breakfast, you depart to the endless Serengeti plains by way of the lush Ngorongoro Crater Highlands where fertile soils grow crops such as wheat, corn and coffee. En route to the Serengeti, you will visit Olduvai Gorge where the famous archaeologists Louis and Mary Leakey discovered evidence of the oldest prehistoric human civilization and a human skull dating back 1.8 million years ago. There is also a small museum that documents their work. If you would prefer not visiting Olduvai Gorge, your game drive will be extended in the Serengeti Plain
Afterwards, you will proceed further into to the Serengeti’s endless plains. The name “Serengeti” comes from the Maasai word siringitu, means "endless plains". You will see why once you see its ocean of grassland savannas stretching to the horizon as far as your eye can see. The Serengeti ecosystem is one of the oldest and most well preserved on earth. The essential features of climate, vegetation, fauna and flora have barely changed over the past million years. The patterns of life, death, adaptation and migration are as old as the hills themselves. Classic: Kati Kati Tented Camp (3 Meals) Deluxe: Serengeti Serena Lodge (3 Meals)

Day 7: Serengeti National Park
Before breakfast, you depart for an early morning game drive and return later to the lodge for hot breakfast. After enjoying the leisurely morning, you depart with picnic lunch for a full day game drive. Only the Kopjes, bizarre rock formations created by the weathering of granite outcrops, interrupt the Serengeti Plain landscape. This is often where leopards and the other big cats can be found and you will have the opportunity to view these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.
One of the greatest natural phenomenon on earth that takes place in the Serengeti is the “Great Migration,” for which the Serengeti is perhaps most famous. The Great Migrations includes more than 2.5 million wildebeest driven by ancient rhythms and natural instincts following water sources in a clockwise rotation traveling 1,800 miles per year. The Serengeti is also the best destination for viewing big cats and other wildlife species. After a full day game drive in the Serengeti, we arrive at the lodge for evening leisure and a hot dinner. Classic: Kati Kati Tented Camp (3 Meals) Deluxe: Serengeti Serena Lodge (3 Meals)

Day 8: Serengeti National Park –Crater Rim - Ngorongoro
After breakfast, depart with picnic lunch for final game drive in Serengeti NP. After lunch, we will drive in the direction of the Ngorongoro Crater. As soon as you have reached the edge of the crater rim, the crater appears half a mile below you inviting you to gaze at this jaw dropping natural wonder. When you reach its edge and view its 100 square mile expanse, it is a sight to behold.
Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest volcano caldera formed three million years ago and is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world and one of Africa's most remarkable geological sites. A caldera is a volcano in which water has leached through the soil and rocks below the volcanic cone causing it to drop to the bottom of the former mountain. We will be getting out of the safari jeep to enjoy the view while having a walking safari along the crater rim for an hour. Afterwards, you will proceed to Ngorongoro for dinner. Classic: Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge (3 Meals)
Deluxe: Ngorongoro Serena Lodge (3 Meals)

Day 9- Ngorongoro Crater
After breakfast, we drive to the Ngorongoro Crater and descend into it for a half-day of game viewing. Ngorongoro Crater was formed over 3 million years ago. It is inhabited by a unique ecosystem inhabited by more than 25,000 animals. In the grass steppes and Acacia forest you will find almost every type of animal from the East African savanna. The Big Five (rhino, elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard) and most of the animal species found in the Serengeti, including zebra, hippos, wildebeest, and cheetahs, can be viewed close up. The Ngorongoro Crater ecosystem maintains the historic balance between people and nature in a way that is not possible in other parks. Later in the evening drive back to the lodge for evening leisure and hot dinner. Classic: Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge (3 Meals) Deluxe: Ngorongoro Serena Lodge (3 Meals)

DAY 10: Olmoti Crater Hike and Nainokanoka Maasai Cultural Visit
After breakfast, we depart to Olmoti crater for a hiking adventure. Olmoti Crater is located at the northern part of Ngorongoro crater Tanzania at the altitude of 3,088 meters above sea level close to Nainokanoka village. It is a small pristine caldera of Ngorongoro Highlands with different water springs combining to form Munge River. A visit to Olmoti is only possible by foot with the escort of an armed ranger. It takes about 35 minutes to walk to the rim of this shallow crater. Many different species of antelope, land reedbuck buffalo bushbuck along with Maasai livestock can be found here. A walk to the waterfalls of the Munge River is quite interesting. After lunch, you will proceed to Nainokanoka village for a Maasai cultural experience. Nainokanoka is a Maasai village located near the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater in the Ngorongoro Highlands. A surreal visual feature you will see from Nainokanoka village is a view of the Ngorongoro crater rim from its eastern side where the moist warm air from the Indian Ocean meets the warm dry air of the Serengeti, creating a fascinating cloud formation that curls into the western side of the crater’s rim. The cultural highlight in Ngorongoro Highlands is visit to a 4 generation Maasai family boma (Maasai homestead) its leader, his 7 wives, 50 children and manyatas (igloo like homes). As this boma is a bit off the beaten track, it is not frequented by outsiders, creating a great opportunity to meet a Maasai family that is as excited to meet you as you are to meet them. Classic: Bougainvillea Safari Lodge (3 Meals) Deluxe: Kitela Lodge (3 Meals)

Day 11: Mto Wa Mbu Biking Excursion and local lunch – Kilimanjaro International Airport
After breakfast, you depart to Mto Wa Mbu, home to over 18,000 inhabitants from 120 different tribes, for a biking excursion followed by hot local lunch. Later proceed to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight back home.
Bookings :
Zohar African Safaris accepts bookings at any time. All booking inquires are given the highest priority and are responded to within 24 hours. Booking inquires can be made directly to Zohar African Safaris through the e-mail address: or through completing the booking form: Inquire Now on our website. If you need any quick help or further clarification you can call our office in Africa: + 255 754 630 963 or contact our consultant and representative in the US, Dr. Ken Firestone directly though our 800 # (Eastern Standard Time): 800-448-4023. If he does not respond within 24 hrs he is probably outside the country. In this case, contact Zohar African Safaris directly.

Booking Policy :
All Bookings and confirmations must be made as early as possible to ensure Zohar Africa Safaris is able to reserve your space on our safaris and the specific accommodations you prefer. To ensure best price and secure accommodations, inquires should be made at least 120 days in advance. Private campsites accommodation bookings must be made 150 days in advance. Budget camping safaris bookings should be made at least 28 days in advance. Low season bookings are accepted any time.
Exceptional events like anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoon or any special events while on your safari should be communicated at the time of booking.
All dietary particulars, for example, avoiding specific food allergies or observing other dietary needs should be identified clearly at the time of booking.
Reservations and Payments

The company recommends that you secure a non-refundable deposit of at least 30% of quotation to confirm the safari. Some safaris (for example Mountain Gorilla safari program) may require an additional deposit and should this prove the case, for more information you will be communicated. 50% of the total safari cost must be paid 90 days prior to the date of arrival. The advanced payment will help us reserve your accommodations and cover other safari expenses prior to your arrival. The outstanding balance must be paid within 60 days prior to your arrival.
All payments must be made in US dollars or Euros. A wire draft is recommended.
Cancellation Policy and Fees

Only written (e-mail) cancellations based on the sent date of the email will be considered valid and approved. Please ensure you receive written confirmation that your cancellation has been received by us. 50% of the total safari cost will be charged if cancellation is made within 60-31 days of arrival, if cancellation is communicated within 30 days of the confirmed arrival date, 100% of the safari cost will be charged.

Amendment Policy
All amendments must be made within 28 days after safari booking.
Pop-Up Changes in Safari Itineraries
Any pop-up change in safari package that incurs extra cost will be charged.
Group Bookings - Free spaces
For every 20 guests traveling together, 1 can go free of charge.

Transfers :
All airport transfer fees are included in the safari fee.
Passport and Visa
Our guests are responsible for attaining their own passports and visas. Only visas can be obtained upon arrival at all international airports and border crossings.
Customers with Disabilities and Physical Challenges
Guests with physical challenges or disabilities must communicate their special need requirements at the time of the booking. All necessary information must be shared clearly with Zohar to understand the nature of the physical challenge to ensure these needs are accommodated. Though Zohar accommodates customers with disabilities, there are limitations. We do not have any ambulatory equipment. Therefore, guests must travel with them.
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