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To bring a change to my community and contribute in every little way I can to make the world around me a better place. I want to be able to do the things that would change my life and the lives of…

33 yrs, Female, Single
Colombo, Sri Lanka
2 years ago in Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka
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I'm interested in meet travel companions, host travelers, show off my city, share advice, find a tour guide or holiday, share accommodation, rideshare, meals and activities.

Additional Info

Bit adventurous, into photography, love cafes and pubs, love animals, specially cats and dogs and would one day, love to volunteer at a Tiger/Lion conservation park. Love music, reading, fashion, going for long walks on the beach, watching movies and choc. I have been on a 5 day tour to Singapore courtesy of the Singapore airline and tourist board. Managed to check out a number of major spots in the island. Visited Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Arab Street and a whole lot more. I love discovering different cultures and immersing in the communities I come across. Whilst enjoying taking photographs and capturing shots of unique places. Luckily, my job entails me to travel inside and outside Sri Lanka. Nobody I follow other than Bear Grylls maybe. Meds and sanitation kit, socks, cap, shades, water bottle, extra clothing, clean undies, extra rucksack or equivalent. But also depending on the destination. English