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"pARTy Hunter" & "Smile Seeker" ... "Run-A-Way Bill" is the "World's Greatest pARTy Hunter!"

71 yrs, Male, Single
P.P.H. (Professional pARTy Hunter)
Baltimore, United States
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I've pinned 14 Countries !
I'm interested in share advice.

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Facebook.com/RunAwayBill / Twitter.com/RunAwayBill / CouchSurfing.com/Run Away Bill / YouTube.com/RunAwayBill / http://partyreptile.com/rabbillsstory.php is a link to the "Run-A-Way Bill" story Going nowhere and ending up somewhere! Finding the unknown & quirky is my joy ... Otherwise I'd be doing "Adulthood" stuff ... cutting lawn, dealing with mail, and blah, blah, blah stuff! Carefree with no "specific" agenda .... "VanTasy" is my van & "essential" pARTy Pal ... she takes me to see the unknown & quirky! English