About me

Dont judge people from the outside or physicly but seeing them from the inside . Dont afraid have a dream high , coz the dream gets free .

26 yrs, Male, Single
Padangsidimpuan, Sumatera Utara
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I'm interested in meet travel companions, show off my city, share advice, find a tour guide or holiday, share accommodation, rideshare, meals and activities.

Additional Info

I was born in Padangsidimpuan,North Sumatera-Indonesia. Now i'm 20 years old , live in one of city on Java Island . I'm the youngest in my fams with 6 siblings who are 4 sisters and 2 brothers . A accounting student in Jenderal Soedirman University. Everythings in my journey is awesome to tell, write, and share with other I found my passion when I did it. Just like to traveling and knowing everything in my experience. Everyone has a unique character and attitude. So how must we can accepted them become ours. I feel the God save and beside me wherever I go English, Indonesian(formerlyin)