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Explore new places and see new and different things. Visit historical or land marks cause they tell where we were and where we have been. Explore cultural heritage cause they tells me more about the…

33 yrs, Male
San Diego, United States
1 month ago in Ilowa, Lubuskie, Poland
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I'm interested in meet travel companions, show off my city, share advice, find a tour guide or holiday, share accommodation and activities.

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Love to see and explore places. Living and seeing other peoples culture and heritage is great way to connect with other people. It's aw inspiring for me to see ruins and ancient civilization. Mostly explored and seen ancient ruins here in the southwest of the United States. My have some family living in Asia, so visited some countries in Asia (Philippines, China). To learn more about places and peoples heritage. Seeing where people grew up and where they came from gives me a connection to them. I love seeing ancient places cause it tells me where we came from. I enjoy meeting traditional people cause they educate me on their history. I enjoy people who share that same passion too I can't live without a camera when I travel. Love to document and take photos when I travel. So I can keep those memories English