Sahara Timimoun - Taghit Holiday Packages

Surrounded by many small villages nestled in tiny oases often adorn impressive fortified ruins, Timimoun is surely and certainly one of the most beautiful region of southern Algeria. Built on an oasis, it is renowned for its red ocher color of its buildings that blend beautifully with nature and sand. Flamboyant under the sun, it is nicknamed the Red Oasis. Timimoun will remain synonymous with S'boue, one of the most famous centuries-old traditions of southern Algeria ...

What's Included?

• Full board accommodation,
• Where applicable, transportation related to the stay,
• The activities,
• The qualified pedagogical supervision ,
• The educational material, the visits and excursions described in the programs,
• The coverage of a civil liability insurance. The price of the stay is fixed, no refund of any benefits not consumed is possible.


7 days

Destination Covered

Algiers and Timimoun

Best Suited

All, Budget, Groups, Kids
Day 1: Early in the morning, after breakfast, We will leave Algiers at Ghardaia distention. Along the way we will go through Boussaâda for a stop and lunch at the Kaid Hotel. From there, we continue our route by Djelfa and Laghouat for arrival in Ghardaia around 15h30 - 16h00 mn. Installation at the hotel El Djanoub. After a relaxing shower, a guide to the region will take you on foot through the alleys and boulevards of Ghardaia where you will have the pleasure of discovering the Beni M'zab Valley, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At the end of the day return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: This 3rd day of our trip will certainly mark a complete break with the comfortable lifestyle we are used to. On a journey of 826 km, we cross the huge and silent Grand Erg Occidental, one of the seas of the Algerian Sahara. On our way, we cross the town of Menia 271 km from Ghardaia where we make a well deserved stop at the hotel El Boustene. From here we travel the 555 km that separate us from Adrar in 09 hours, despite the feeling of fatigue you drive, you will surely enjoy the vastness of the desert landscapes, the changing light, the color contrasts between rock and sand, and life that persists in this aridity. After a long day on the seats of our 4x4s, we will arrive in Adrar between 18h00 and 20h00mn and we will erect directly at the hotel Gourara. Once installed in the room, you will certainly enjoy a relaxing shower and a tasty dinner. A very comfortable night at this hotel, will reward the efforts you made to accomplish this difficult but exciting journey.

Day 3: After a well deserved rest, we leave the hotel Touat to another magical place "Timimoun". Cradle of a tourist region prepared for the enchantment of the tourist. From 196 km we travel from Adrar to Timimoun, we will make several stops: Ksar, very old buildings with mysterious streets, famous palm groves on the slopes overlooking the saline bottom of Sebkha, red oasis, grandiose landscapes, ... The valley of the palm groves of Gourara forms a fairy set. Once arrived in Timmoun, we will take care to install you at the hotel Gourara. Category 4 stars, the Gourara is built on the edge of the city of Timimoun and overlooking the lush Oasis. An ideal place to rest and enjoy a few days of silence.

Afternoon visit of the palm grove and the famous ancestral irrigation systems of Timimoun les Fougaras: Followed by a crossing of the streets and dark and narrow passages of the old Ksar, popular district with red earthen facades

Day 4: During this day, we will take care to make you live unforgettable moments. We will explore the surrounding Oasis bordering the Great Western Erg. We will stop at Ighzer, Semonta, Ouled Said, Kali, Aghlad and thola. Villages overlooking the palm groves and opening onto the sedimentary basin of the Sebkha which is the former site of what was once a river, sometimes a lacustrine expanse, offering a magnificent panorama of the southern part of the Grand Erg Occidental. The tea ceremony in the Algerian Sahara is a tradition, an art and a philosophy, closely related to the customs of hospitality in the halt of the traveler ... Return in the evening to Timimoun.

Day 5: On this sixth day of our tour, we return to the long journeys, aboard our bus, we will take the road that leads to Taghit. On a route of 461 km we will discover another scenery prettier and more attractive than that of Ménia-Adrar; since it shelters the most beautiful oasis pearls of all the Sahara, landscape completely different from the preceding in the heart of which stands the area of ​​Gourara, Timimoune and Taghit! Spectacular sites of beauty surrounded by an immense ring of orange and reddish pink dunes and planted with thousands of date palms, watered with an ancient technique called "foggaras".

On the way, we will stop at Beni Abbes to visit some of the seven ksours of Béni Abbès, some of which are still inhabited. The most beautiful is the ksar located in the heart of the palm grove, a unique type of location in the Sahara, uninhabited since 1957 and being restored, the oasis that surrounds is beautiful and shaped scorpion, whose tail is dominated by a big red dune (the tallest of the Western Great Erg). We picnic in the middle of this green paradise and we close our visit to the municipal pool fed by a source of pure water out at 24 ° C (hot in winter and refreshing in summer). We will make a stop at the wall of China from the Carboniferous: 30 km from Béni Abbès, on the left side of the road to El Ouata is the Orthoceran deposit (fossils of molluscs and fish). Arrival in Taghit, towards the end of the day. Installation in the cottage for two nights.

Day 6: From Taghit, we take you by bus for a hike through the Sahara landscapes
During this day, several sites to visit: volcanic landscapes, gueltas surrounded by lush vegetation, rock carvings and mausoleums old times. Back in the evening to Taghit and to close our day, stroll to the old Ksar which is at the palm grove of Taghit and in the construction dates back to the 11th century despite the weight of the years, the old Ksar remains the witness of a story several times millennium.

Day 7: Departure early in the morning to Bechar. Before taking the flight to Algiers, we take advantage of the free time to make you visit the city and make your last purchases.
Conditions of registration
Special conditions of registration
Designed for young people (07 - 14 years), our stays are declared to the departmental services of Youth and Sports, which implies the respect of the standards in force as well from the educational point of view , sanitary, only security.
The inscription to one of the stays proposed by the agency ASSAMAR TOURISM AND VOYAGES implies the full and whole acceptance of the present particular conditions of registration.
How to register
You must send us the registration application by correspondence, directly in our offices, so that your application is taken into consideration, you must return to us:
_1 registration form and a health card per youth carefully filled with ballpoint pen.
registration form (PDF) to download and / or print.
_linkage health card (PDF) to download and / or print,
_1 deposit check of 40% of the total price of the stay. It must be made payable to ASSAMAR TOURISM AND TRAVEL.
Upon receipt of the complete file, a confirmation of registration will be sent to you. In order to preserve the environment and to speed up the processing of your file, we prefer sending by email certificates and convocations. Do not forget to indicate your email address on the registration form. The balance must be paid no later than 21 days before the start of the stay. In case of registration within 21 days before departure, you must pay the full amount of the stay.
We will then provide you
with information regarding the progress of the stay, the departure and the return, the complement of the file (trousseau, convocations ...).
Prices and services
All prices listed in our catalogs may be subject to upward or downward variation depending on changes in the exchange rate, the cost of transport, taxes related to the services offered.
Upon receipt of the registration file, if the stay concerned is the subject of a modification, the agency ASSAMAR TOUIRSME ET VOYAGES informs the participant who can then either confirm his registration in the new conditions, or withdraw his registration or search a other stay. The registration confirmation and the associated invoice, reflecting the conditions, in particular of price and stay, agreed at the time of its definitive registration, are sent to each registrant. Failure for the participant to dispute this confirmation and the invoice within fifteen days of its receipt, only the prices indicated on this document will prevail in case of dispute.

Modification and cancellation of stays
Due to the organizer
The cancellation of the stay due to the organizer, imposed by major circumstances or to ensure the safety of children, will result in the immediate refund of the sums paid for participation in the stay. In case of cancellation of the stay due to the organizer for any other reason, it will apply the conditions provided for in the Code of Tourism presented in the general conditions of sale. When, before the departure, the stay is modified by the organizer, on an essential element such as a significant increase of the price, it is possible within a period of 7 days after having been warned, either to terminate the contract registration without penalty and obtain the immediate refund of the sums paid, or to accept to participate in the modified stay. An amendment to the contract will be established,
By registering
any withdrawal or cancellation for any reason, must be notified by registered letter sent to ASSAMAR TOURISM AND VOYAGES, Cité August 20, shopping mall Abderahim Harkat 10000 Bouira Algeria.
Cancellation fees
The cancellation of the registration due to the registrant results in all cases a deduction of 5,000 DA in respect of fees.
For any cancellation made within 30 days of the departure date, the withdrawal fee will be:
25% of the total price of the stay, with a minimum of 5,000 DA, for any cancellation occurring between 30 and 21 days from the date of departure. departure (except air transport, to consult us),
50% of the total price of the stay: from 20 to 8 days of the departure,
75% of the total price of the stay: from 7 to 2 days of departure,
100% of the total price of the stay: within 2 days of departure.
Cancellation insurance (optional)
We advise you to take out the travel cancellation insurance, travel insurance which reimburses you all sums paid upon registration with the organizer:
serious illness, serious accident or death of yourself, a member your family,
hospitalization for at least 8 days, dismissal.
To take out this insurance contract, you must add the amount to the deposit payment.
Civil Liability Insurance
The ASSAMAR TOURISM AND TRAVEL agency subscribes this insurance to the SAA
Rules of Procedure
Any serious breach of discipline will be reported to the parent or legal guardian and exclusion may be ordered. In this case, no amount will be refunded and the costs incurred by this return will be borne by the family or the legal guardian.
Any complaints concerning stays must be sent by registered letter to ASSAMAR TOURISME ET VOYAGES, within 3 months after the stay. Loss and theft
It is not uncommon for a child to mislead a garment or personal item in the community, despite the vigilance of the management team. In this context, ASSAMAR TOURISM AND TRAVEL can not be held responsible and does not ensure the reimbursement of lost effects (clothing, pocket money, glasses, laptop ...). The indicative trousseau available to families is not a contractual document that incurs the responsibility of the facilitators, even if they have a helping role with children. Parents must also make their child aware of the respect and responsibility of their personal belongings. The obligation of insurance in the event of theft requires that an offense be established. The small flights that can occur on the centers do not fall within this framework.

It is absolutely not essential because in colony everything is included. However, if parents decide to bring their child cash, we advise them to be moderated and remember their full responsibility for loss or theft.
Dominant activities
Do not confuse with intensive internship. The main activity is clarified in the description of the stay. The catalog is a summary presentation of the stays and their themes to facilitate the choices. Feel free to ask for clarification and to come to information meetings. In exceptional circumstances, the activities set out in the brochure may be modified and replaced by others. In case of refusal of the child or the young person to practice the planned activities, in spite of the requests of the animators, we will not oblige it.
Right to the image
All photos of the brochure and the website are taken during the stays. By registering your child, you agree that the child will be photographed or filmed as part of TV reports about the settlers. If, however, the legal guardian refuses this use of the image, he must notify him in writing to ASSAMAR TOURISM AND TRAVEL by registered letter with AR before the beginning of the stay.
In case of misdemeanor, intentional injury to persons or property, repeated incivility, maladjustment at the center, your child may be sent home. You will be notified personally and all repatriation costs, including those of the escort will be your responsibility. No refund will be made.
Departure and return
The time and place of appointment will be communicated to you two weeks before departure. On departure and return, the presence of an adult accompanying the minor to the place of appointment is mandatory. The transportation includes, the return of the same city by bus or plane in fixed collective ticket. No refund will be granted if this round trip or one of the trips is not made. If you arrive late, after the departure of the coach or the plane, you will have to send at your expense and by yourself your child on the place of the stay. Your return transport decision confirmed by your registration can not be changed afterwards. To contact us on departure in case of emergency, we will provide you with a mobile phone number per site.

During the stay, our organization makes the advance of the following medical expenses:
-visit to the doctor-
At the end of the stay, the sheets of disease will be returned against refund. In case of illness, visit of the doctor or accident, you will be informed by the director of the stay as soon as possible. Our stays are organized by a team of professionals and volunteers. Your remarks, criticisms, complaints and your satisfaction are important. They will be for us, valuable elements to further improve our actions in favor of leisure and holidays of youth.
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