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St. Thomas will never be the same.

Hard to believe 1 tour company could change the whole landscape of the island. Our families have been traveling to St. Thomas for years. We love the island. Not that I'm complaining, but we did the same things everytime we visit.

Beach. British Virgin Islands. Day in St. John. Drunkin beach parties at Secret Harbor.

This time when we visited, me and my brother went kayak fishing. OMG. Best time we've had on these islands since we closed down Duffy's with a group of stripers. I must be getting old to admit that a day of fishing was as good as dancing all night with stripers.

The family also loved the bike ride along the harbor. I would recommend doing all the usual attractions on St. Thomas, but you have to try one of Mike's tours. Awesome!

Not sure why these tours didn't exist before, but now we can't wait to come and visit again in May!

Dec 13, 2013
Pete Manriquez
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Took my children on the night fishing tour and was glad we went. Mike basically taught my kids everything there is to know about surf fishing. He had the kids help set up rods, prepare the chum and made them take the hook out of the fish's mouths.

Each time a fish took the bait the little bell would ring on the tip of the fishing rod and my kids would literally sprint to the rods. Best time we had on our trip.

Nov 11, 2013
Phil Dooren
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Great Tour Operators!

Mike and his team was professional and very pleasant. My kids and I went night fishing and it was the highlight of my kids trip.

They had never really been fishing much but they caught over 10 fish between them. Mike spent time with them teaching them how to cast and bait a hook. I would highly recommend Mike and his fishing tour.

Nov 11, 2013
Sammy Dillard
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When on 2 different tours with Mike. My bachelor party and wedding were held in St. Thomas so for the bachelor party we went night fishing. We caught a barracuda and tons of snapper. Highlight of the tour was the lemon shark we caught.

A group of us also went on the kayak tour to perseverance bay. The old ruins were eerie and the water in the bay was awesome. We snorkeled and relaxed and it felt like we were on a deserted island.

Nov 11, 2013