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Families w/ small children, tweens & teens! Seeking a Premium vacation. Families w/ 1 child, seeking an Authentic travel experience. Simply Fun Magical Experiences, for families on a…

31 yrs, Female, Married
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Los Angeles, United States
1 year ago in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
"Lexi is awesome! Very helpful and knowledgeable…”
- Sweetymac,  
I'm interested in promoting my business, share my travel expertise, find new friends and networking (b2b).

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I'm a California/ Nevada Native. I love my wonderful, sunny States, full of Natural and beautiful wonders!
I'm a United States Army Veteran, so I've been around this World and back again!
Since childhood, my family has always taken Great Vacations! From camping trips to Sequoia and Yosemite, to visiting the small Dutch Village of Solavng, CA. We always took the most amazing road trips with outstanding scenery, riding up the PCH coast. We would take a trip to Henderson, NV, to visit with family, which always landed us on a 2 week trip to Las Vegas. This city is non-stop entertainment for everyone of all ages! From Circus-Circus to the MGM Grand, you meet people from around the World! English, Spanish

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Lexi is awesome! Very helpful and knowledgeable about all things travel. I highly recommend her when planning a trip.
- Sweetymac,  Positive