Sajama Volcano and Uyuni Salt Flats

Tour Along Two National Parks:
Sajama National Park is Bolivia's oldest national park. The park lies within the Central Andean dry puna ecoregion. It features a spectacular Andean landscape, with elevations ranging from 4,200 to 6,542 meters (13,780 to 21,463 ft). It contains the snowy cone of the volcano Sajama, the highest mountain in Bolivia at 6542 meters. The park also includes the Payachata volcanic group. The Sajama National Park includes geological natural wonders like volcanoes, diverse organisms, and thermal springs, and also cultural wonders such as ancient burial buildings, cave paintings, and colonial architecture and art. This area of Bolivia also features the Sajama Lines, mysterious lines covering the altiplano, etched into ground over thousands of years by the ancient ancestors of the Aymara people. The lines are estimated to be about 16,000 kilometers in length, roughly three times the breadth of the United States. The lines are thought to have been used as ancient pilgrimage routes.

The park is also scattered with cultural treasures and remnants of the Aymara's ancient culture. Chullpas, tall funerary towers devoted to noble Aymara families, dot the landscape. These shrines are thought to have been deliberately placed in visible areas to ensure reverence and remembrance for the dead. Pucaras, ancient fortifications, can also be found. ( Wikipedia)

Also The salar de Uyuni, or salt flat, will provide you with an unforgettable visual experience as well as one album of photographs friends will envy you for.

However,the experience is not for those who love luxury,pampering or comfortable temperatures. Suffice to say that god did not design the huge and barren salar, located at 3,660 meters above sea level, with the tourist in mind, and that in the eons since creation humanity has done little to improve on the Creator´s work. So get ready for a stunning visual experience-but also climatically bracing one. ( Mark Ceaser).

At the end of the Pleistocene epoch, the whole extent of the Altiplano was covered by a vast lake, Balliv ián, the present remnants of which are Lake Titicaca, straddling the Peru/Bolivia border, and Poopó, a salt lake that extends south of Oruro, Bolivia. Salar de Uyuni, locally known as "Salar de Tunupa", as well as Salar de Coipasa are two large dry salt flats formed as well after the Altiplano paleolakes dried out. ( Wikipedia)

What's Included?

• Five nights accommodation in hotel **
• Nourishment the days of the tour.( Breakfast/ Box lunch- Dinners)
• English speaking guide
• Ticket fee for the national park in Isla Incahuasi.
• Private Transport from La Paz Sajama -- Uyuni – San Pedro Atacama.

All Prices are per person based on 2 people and / or twin share accommodation. Good Prices for groups.


5 days

Destination Covered

Sajama National Park, Uyuni and Salar de Uyuni

Best Suited

Families, Groups, Honeymoon, Luxury, Solo travellers
Day 1: La Paz Sajama
Departure to Sajama National Park; along the way can be seen several tombs from the Aymaras 1200 A.D .Sajama is a national park with volcanic domes, lava, geiser, hot springs, and thousands of llamas alpacas and colonial churches.
On the way you will visitThe church of Calamarca with unique colonial paintings, representing arcabuceros angels of unknown master painter.
Later we continue to the colonial church of Curawara de Carangas, famous for their paintings, considered by the art experts, as the oldest in the region.. Hotel Tomarapi. .L.D

Day 2: Sajama – Salinas De Garcy Mendoza
Departure by 4x4 to the Altiplano In terms of wildlife, this area is home to a unique set of organisms particular to the alpine regions of the Andes. Plants and animals must be able to handle high altitudes with less available oxygen, cold nightly temperatures and frosts well into the spring, little shade or protection from the elements, and arid, dry conditions. One example of unique wildlife in the park is the vicuña, a species of camelid related to the llama and the alpaca. These animals are prized because of their soft and warm, but extremely lightweight fur. Historically, only Incan emperors were allowed to wear their wool. Indigenous populations in the area still continue a rich cultural tradition of myths, legends, and rituals involving the vicuña.[14] Once poached to near extinction because their fine, valuable wool, they are now protected in the area and their numbers are rebounding.[15] The area is also home to armadillos, viscachas, bears, Andean cats, pumas, condors, pink flamingos, coots (black ducks), hummingbirds, rheas, and many more unique creatures. Also we will see Lava from old volcanic eruption, Spanish factories for the process of the silver and Quinoa plantations. Hotel Sucarani . B.L.D

Day 3: Salinas De Garcy Mendoza Uyuni Salt Flats
Departure by private car to Jiririra at the shore of the salt flats. 2 hours along the Altiplano, Andean deserts and quinoa fields. Also can be visited the Kokesa cave of a very old settlement of the Andean culture. In the afternoon you will visit "isla Incahuasi. Despite the island’s inhospitability, a unique fauna, including viscachas (long-tailed Andean rabbits), colibris (green hummingbirds which feed off of the giant cacti and which tire quickly in the thin air), as well as lizards and insects survive here. Huge cacti, reaching seven or eight meters in height, also grow on the island. The island is populated with a cacti species that measures up to 12 meters high (26.25 feet), providing an impressive overview. Hotel Accomodation in Jirira village . B.L.D.

Day 4: Uyuni Salt Flats - Train Cementery - Mallku Cueva
After Breakcfast, Departure from Jirira Hotel 08:00 am In order to visit the salt desert with an extension of 10,000 km2. Also the train cementery near Uyuni City.
In the afternoon we will cross the Andean deserts with Vicuñas, and quinua plantations. On the way you will cross the Ciudad de Piedra, whose bizarre wind-carved rock formations. Hotel Mallku Cueva. B.L.D

Day 5: Laguna Colorada - Green Lagoon And San Pedro De Atacama
The fifth day provides tours of striking lagoons, whose waters are colored deep shades of red, blue and even white. The most famous is Laguna Colorada, whose waters are made a deep red by the flagellate algae Dunaliella salina and a high ocher level. The lake receives its water from hot springs and runoff from wetlands. On an island of borax, rock and excrement in the middle of the lake, the birds have found a refuge protected from foxes and warmed year-round by thermal waters.
Also ’ The ‘Rocks of Dali,’ so named because the wind-sculptured forms suggest the creations of the famous Spanish surrealist painter, are found in this and some other valleys.
The desert is surrounded by volcanoes which provide a dramatic spectacle. As the light plays on them, the ancient hardened lava flows sometimes resemble water flowing down their flanks. Very seldom in your life will you feel as tiny as you do standing in the midst of this immense landscape till San Pedro de Atacama. B.L

Overnight: Casa Don Tomas, in standard room, including breakfast.
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