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i am kid yahuarcani ricopa,. I know the Amazon River and rainforest because i grew up here.My knowledge of the area and experiences in the beautiful and often dangerous environment of the amazon basin…

34 yrs, Male, Single
Fisherman & hunter
Iquitos, Peru
1 year ago in San Isidro, Lima, Peru
"I went on an amazon tour outside of Iquitos in…”
- Nicki,  

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i am very cautious while in the jungle and love sharing my knowledge remotes areas in the amazon jungle. jungle tours, accomodation , ayahuasca ceremonies, and others, from all over the world caserio padre cocha s/n

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I went on an amazon tour outside of Iquitos in October 2013 with kid and had a fabulous time. He is very knowledgeable about the all the critters in the jungle as well as the cultures of the people who live there. Kid always shared information about the jungle and pointed out wildlife on our hikes. Even though I was walking around in the rainforest I never felt in danger; i am 100% certain that if it wasn't for Kids calming and jungle wise presence there with me I would have not felt nor have been nearly as safe. His ability to speak and understand English helped out a lot, particularly at the end of long days when my Spanish failed me. The next time I go back to Iquitos I will definitely be taking another tour with kid.
- Nicki,  Positive