About me

Learn until you die.

119 yrs, Female, Single
Taichung, Taiwan
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I'm interested in meet travel companions, share advice, find a tour guide or holiday, share accommodation, rideshare, meals and activities.

Additional Info

Easygoing and friendly! 主旨 : 讚!臺灣(10分鐘完整濃縮版,很流暢的剪輯。) 咱ㄟ臺灣~~多元風貌真的很讚!! 這影片拍攝了非常多在地的獨特之處喔~連參與拍攝的外國人們都開心的像小孩子似的~ 深愛這塊土地的你,一定要分享出去耶!! English, Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese