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I'm on a gap year. I am basically excited to travel and meet new, interesting and fun people! My "mission" is to have an amazing time.

21 yrs, Female
London, England
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I'm interested in meet travel companions, share accommodation, rideshare, meals and activities.

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Additional Info

I suppose I'm a bit adventurous, I like to go outside of my comfort zone as normally that's when the best things happen. I love exploring new places and meeting lovely people along the way always makes the experience a better one! I love love Spain, and loved visiting Thailand and Australia, all with such very different cultures and lifestyles. Right now I am embracing living in and exploring Spain- in which it is my first time I am properly travelling "solo". I love the experiences I have and the memories and friends I make along the way! I am learning spanish so I also love speaking it when I can with people I meet in Spain, although my spanish need greatly improving I really love meeting optimistic people, who are fun spirited and pretty relaxed and easy going, who are willing to have a good time, and if they can teach me something new and share any new experiences or "life lessons" along the way that's always great My clothes, pens, notebook, phone, face cream among other essentials like toothbrush, and a cup of tea every now and again I love and is essential English, Spanish