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Strengthening family bonds through family travel.

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"I can highly recommend Cistrip! Not only have I…”
- Lisakl,  
"I've known Estefani (owner of Cistrip) for many…”
- Wilsoncalderon,  
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Our favorite route. It combines the magic of Cusco, fun…
Visit the most amazing sites of Cusco and Machu Picchu in…
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We believe no one´s ever too young to start travelling. That´s why we want to take you and your family through the magic of our destinations and adventures. Family is everything and it's time to make new memories. We operate all destinations within Peru. Of course Machu Picchu. And we have much more to offer here in Peru: Wonderful food throughout the country, amazing wildlife in Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado, beautiful landscapes like the Sacred Valley or the Colca Canyon, and lots of adventure! Your kids! I'm a mom of three wonderful kids and I know how hard it is to keep them entertained at all times. That's why we focus on making the best out of your family experience by making your kids our favorite travelers. Av. Joaquin Madrid 175, San Borja, Lima - Peru
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I can highly recommend Cistrip! Not only have I travelled with them but I also know the owner of the company personally. Estefani and her staff take great care of their travellers and they will make the whole experience of your journey very special and unforgettable.
Choose Perú, choose Cistrip!
- Lisakl,
I've known Estefani (owner of Cistrip) for many years. She's a great person and business woman. She takes care of every detail and her clients love her. I totally recommend her services.
- Wilsoncalderon,  Positive