About me

Explore the weird, offbeat, and bizarre! Also, to travel and live abroad indefinitely.

37 yrs, Male, Married
Asheville, United States
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I've pinned 16 Countries !
I'm interested in share advice, meals and activities.

Additional Info

Married, geeky, pro web developer, author of a dozen plus books and the blog oneweirdglobe.com. Oh, and I run the Choose a Way series of interactive guidebooks (think Choose-Your-Own-Adventure mashed-up with Lonely Planet). Lived in Korea, visited hell temples in Thailand, traveled across Europe for 3 months in 2015 It's a lifestyle more than anything. I've lived abroad since 2008 and have no plans to live back in the US at all. Geeks. Misfits. Rebels. People who enjoy alcohol (albeit in moderation - no fun getting all stumbly!) Smartphone English, Korean