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To help travelers learn more about and enjoy this city to the limit! We love Santa Monica and all it has to offer. Join my husband and me on a ghost tour, foodie or bike tour this weekend!

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Zack Fahey
"It was such a pleasure to take a walk with…”
- Zack Fahey,  
I'm interested in promoting my business, share my travel expertise, find new friends, networking (b2b), learn online marketing and just curious.

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Join us for a walking tour of Santa Monica's historical…
Join us for a beautiful ride down the coast. We use the…

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My husband and I like going on ghost tours when on vacation. You get history & spooky tales in one! We are newlyweds who just started our own business. In our free time, Zack likes to play chess and I like to garden. The Santa monica pier and promenade are our favorite tourist spots. We love going to happy hours and eating great food. Here in Santa Monica there are many places to choose from! Also, we ride our bikes everywhere. There is a bike trail along the beach! Anyone who loves adventures, food & fun! 1045 3rd st #104
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Zack Fahey
It was such a pleasure to take a walk with Candace. The spookiness was outstanding! So many great ghosts on the pier. And the information was intelligent and interesting. A very smart walking tour.
- Zack Fahey,  Positive