Tour Around Kyrgyzstan - 14 Days

Kyrgyzstan is the place of its own culture, traditions, way of life and people with their own view of the world. Their world is limited by the mountain ridges where they go up and down with their cattle. Their house is a portable one which may be loaded onto two camels. From the very early centuries the yurt (name of the local house) is divided into two parts: one half is women's where all things used by women are kept as well as children’s clothes and another one is men's part where he keeps saddles, bridles, hunting equipment. The middle of a yurt is a dinning room and a bedroom. A night spent in a yurt changes the perception of time and life itself. Maybe it is because if that yurt has an unusual shape of a dome and maybe because of that the Kyrgyz nomads choose the most beautiful places for their summer stopping sites mainly in mountain valleys and gorges where virgin nature reigns and that is why are filled with primordial energetic.

We offer you to plunge into the way of Kyrgyz life and rethink your own being. Get the chance to feel yourself a real nomad and forget about the busy life in the town with all problems, rush and fussiness.

Best time: June – September
Activity: Rest, Auto-tour, Excursions
Duration: 14 days

What's Included?

Price includes:
1. Transport according to the program
2. Guide (will be substituted with English speaking driver if the quantity of people will be less than 6)
3. Accommodation:
- Bishkek – "Asia Mountains" or "Asia Mountains" 2 hotels
- Shamsy - the house of local shepherd
- Cholpon-Ata – “Raduga” hotel
- Karakol – “Green Yard” or “Amir” hotels
- Djeti-Oguz – yurts
- Tamga – “Tamga” guest house
- Son-Kul - yurts
- Chychkan – Guest house
- Arslanbob – home stay
- Osh – “Sun Rise” guest house
4. Meals – full board (B/L/D)
5. Excursions according to the program
6. Horseback riding in Shamsy and Tamga
7. Home flight from Osh to Bishkek
8. Water 1 l. per day per person.


14 days

Destination Covered

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Ala Archa National Park, Issyk Kul Lake, Karakol and Osh City

Best Suited

All, Budget, Families, Groups, Honeymoon, Kids, Luxury, Solo travellers
Duration: 14 days
Location: Kyrgyzstan. Issyk-Kul. Son-Kul. Osh.
Best time: June - September
Activity: Rest, Auto-tour, Excursions
People quantity: 2 – 12


Day 1. Bishkek
Arrival to Bishkek, meeting at the airport Manas, Transfer to the hotel «Asia Mountains», accommodation. Lunch at the restaurant of the hotel "Asia Mountains". City tour with visiting Youth alley, Philarmonic, Manas complex, old and new square, small "Raritet" museum and Oak park. Dinner in the "Asia Mountains" hotel.

Day 2. Ala-Archa
Today after breakfast we will go to the national park Ala-Archa where we will spend our time seeing a great Kyrgyz nature. The park is located in 40 km from Bishkek on the slopes of Kyrgyz Ala-Too. Ala-Archa is translated from Kyrgyz language as “motley juniper”. The gorge got its name due to a great amount of juniper covering its slopes. As different kinds of juniper have different colors and the gorge seems to be very colorful. We will have a little hike to a beautiful waterfall and come back to Bishkek in the evening.

Day 3. Bishkek – Shamsy
In the morning after the breakfast we will be transferred to Shamsy gorge where we will have a little horseback riding. On the way we will visit the historical-architectural complex of Burana Tower. After the excursion we will continue our tour and go into the mountains. The horses in the gorge will be already waiting for us. After two and a half hours riding we will finally get to the gorge called Tuura-Kayin where our cooks will already have our lunch prepared. After lunch we will have free time to walk around, go to a little forest or ride on a horse a little bit more. We will have dinner in the evening and will overnight in the house of local shepherd.

Day 4. Cholpon-Ata
Today we will be transferred to Cholpon-Ata – the town which is located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in Kyrgyzstan – Issyk-Kul lake. Issyk-Kul Lake is the second biggest mountain lake after Titicaca in South America; it ranks second in the transparency of water after Lake Baikal. The climate here is very soft and the number of hours of sunshine is 2700 that is even more than at the Black Sea. Upon arrival our accommodation point is “Raduga” hotel. Free time for rest and enjoying yourself.

Day 5. Issyk-Kul
All day today we will spend on the shore of Issyk-Kul. In the morning we will visit Cholpon-Ata petrogliphs (stone inscriptions) left on the stones by ancient artists. We will also visit the museum and cultural-architectural complex Ruh-Ordo. Evening free. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 6. Karakol
This day we will go to Karakol town. On the way we may visit Georgiev gorge and if the weather allows us we will have hike to the mountain lake. Upon our arrival to Karakol we will be accommodated in “Amir” or “Green Yard” hotel. After having some rest we will have a little walk around the town, visit an ancient Dungan Mosque, and a Holy Trinity wooden Church which was first built without a single nail. Free time, rest, dinner at the hotel.

Day 7. Djeti-Oguz
After breakfast we will drive to Djeti-Oguz by the eastern shore of Issyk-Kul lake. The gorge is located in 60 km to the west of Karakol on the northern slopes of Terskey-Ala-Too. This is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. For 25 km on both sides of the gorge the fir trees are growing at first merging into small groups and then turning into huge forest mass. Today we may have a little hike to a beautiful waterfall. For the night we will stay in Kyrgyz yurts.

Day 8. Djeti-Oguz – Tamga
After breakfast we will go to one of the villages on the shores of the great mountainous lake - Tamga village. Upon arrivaland we will have a little horse riding to the place called TamgaTash. This is a sacred place for Buddhist. Many pilgrims come here every year and spend 2, 3 days near the stone. The stone has Buddhist script on it and all the letters are clearly seen and very good preserved. Free evening to have a good rest and enjoy the view of the lake. Overnight in “Tamga” guest house.

Day 9. Tamga – Kochkorka – Son-Kul.
In the morning we will enjoy the view of Terskey-Ala-Too ridge and after breakfast will continue our way. The first place we will visit today is the “Fairy Tale” gorge. The whole originality of the place is the frozen in bizarre forms colorful rocks, like after the eruption. Solid clusters made of limestone and sandstone are bulging from the colorful soil and the place looks like the ruins of ancient castles. After the excursion we will drive to Kochkorka village where we will have lunch and see the crafts show. You will see how Kyrgyz people make their carpets and will have a chance to visit the handicrafts museum where you may even buy some souvenirs for your relatives and friends. After that we will be transferred to an amazing mountain lake Son-Kul which is opened only in summer as all the roads and the lake itself is covered with snow for the rest of the year. Dinner and overnight in local yurts.

Day 10. Son-Kul - Chychkan.
We will leave Son-Kul and go to Suusamyr valley. At first stopping at Djumgal valley which is about the same size as Suusamyr valley but much drier. Djumgal river flows into Kekemeren which is being the culmination of our day. We will stay in Kyzyl-Oi village for lunch and will enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful rivers in Kyrgyzstan. We continue going to Suusamyr and soon we will dive to the main Kyrgyz road going from Bishkek to Osh and come into the green wide valley (steppe). The mountains surrounding it gave the valley so much space that for a moment one may forget being in the harsh mountain country. Here you may see many nomads who brought their yurts for the summer time. On the green grass canvas all these yurts look like white minarets. We will stop at the cozy guest house in the picturesque gorge called Chychkan.

Day 11. Chychkan - Arslanbob.
Today we will go to an amazing mountain range called Arslanbob. It has a large wild forest. The Arslanbob woodland is the largest walnut grove on earth. Kyrgyzstan's first known export to Europe was the Arslanbob walnut. Two waterfalls are located in the area which attract tourists, pilgrims and other visitors during the spring and summer months. We will have a little trek to the first waterfall which is about 25 m and the hike will take us about half an hour. After that we will walk to a panorama place from where you will be able to see the whole gorge. It is a great view and here we will have a little free time to enjoy the nature and make some pictures. Overnight in a small home stay.

Day 12. Arslanbob – Osh
Today in the morning we will have another hike now to the second, big waterfall in Arslanbob which has the height of 80 m. This walk will take us about 2 hours and we will come back for lunch just in time to see the folk show with the national Kyrgyz instruments. After lunch we will continue our way to the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan – Osh. Osh is the second biggest town of Kyrgyzstan after Bishkek with the population about 250 thousand people. It was one of the religious Muslim centers in Central Asia. It is known by its ancient mosques in the center of the town and also by Suleiman-Too (Sulaiman-Takhty, The throne of Solomon), which is one of the places of pilgrimage of central Asian Muslims. Overnight in “Sun Rise” guest house.

Day 13. Osh - Bishkek
In the morning we will have an excursion to the sacred mountain Suleiman-Too. Suleiman mountain is one of the most significant historical monuments in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the center of Osh. Till the 16th century it was called Bara-Kukh. The triple ascent onto the mountain is considered to be equal to one Hajj to Mecca. In one of the caves of the mountain we will visit the museum and after lunch we will get on the plane and fly back to Bishkek. Upon arrival we will be met at the airport and transferred to “Asia Mountains” hotel where we will have rest. Free time in the evening and farewell party.

Day 14. Departure
Price does NOT include:
1. Any changes in the program
2. Alcohol beverages
3. Excursions not included in the program
4. Horseback riding in Djeti-Oguz, Son-Kul and Arslanbob
5. Tips for guide, driver and hotel personnel
6. Any personal expenses in hotel: international calls, bar, etc.
7. Guide (will be substituted with English speaking driver if the quantity of people will be less than 6)
8. Single supplement of 290 USD .
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