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"positive , very nice service and professional”
- Mahi,  
Rajarani Tours
"He is good character, good Client”
- Rajarani Tours,  
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Chithra Hotel makes one feel part of India’s past. It’s like living a dream. 
The architecture is amazing, simple decoration but extremely elegant, the greeting is warm. The quality of the food is marvelous. We manage complete tours and provide end-to-end services. These luxurious rooms are simple, modern and afford plenty of luxurious seating. A blend of stylish flooring, paneling and cabinetry, desk lamps create a warm, modern atmosphere. 3-30 North street, Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, India
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positive , very nice service and professional
- Mahi,  Positive
Rajarani Tours
He is good character, good Client
- Rajarani Tours,  Positive