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Peruvian/North American pilot. He has been flying paraglider since 1991 and has over 5000 hours of free flight. He was first licensed in USA and is now licensed by the Peruvian Association of…

58 yrs, Male, Married
Paragliding Instructor
Miraflores, Peru
1 year ago in Lima, Lima, Peru
"Hi All, If you are coming to Lima, then you must…”
- Nick777,  

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Try paragliding with MICHAEL FERNANDEZ, one of the most experienced paragliding pilot in Peru. 20 years of paragliding experience.

Flying Site: Raimondi's Park in Miraflores. (close to Love's Park or Parque del Amor)

Hour: from 10:30am to 6:00pm (depending on weather conditions)

Make sure you contact us prior to your flight to check conditions.

If you go straight to the flying site, yo
Tripoli 345 Apt 503 Miraflores Lima Peru

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Hi All,
If you are coming to Lima, then you must fly in a Paraglider at Miraflores with Michael !
The flight is thrilling and spectacular along the cliffs above the beach and Michael is an expert pilot.
He is great to fly tandem with, and will make your visit truly memorable.
- Nick777,