The Pilgrims' adventure in New England

Tour of Plymouth/Sample Itinerary (6-8 hours)

A true journey into the American colonial past, this tour includes a visit to Plimoth Plantation – a brilliant recreation of everyday life in one of the earliest English settlements in North America. Not only can you explore the village of Pilgrims in 1627, but also talk to its residents – men and women who will be happy to answer your questions, to discuss their family and community problems, and even to gossip about their neighbors! To better feel the flavor of the past, try to imagine yourself in the shoes of the 17th century people and to think from their perspective.

The tour continues in the village of Native People – the Wampanoag, who helped the Pilgrims survive their first year in the New World. At the end of the tour we will visit the Mayflower II, an exact copy of the original merchant ship which brought its 102 passengers to the rocky coast of Plymouth in December 1620.

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