Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean Overland 7 Days

    What's Included?

  • Hotel in Fairbanks: Westmark Fairbanks Hotel
  • Hotel in Deadhorse: Prudhoe Bay Hotel
  • Transport in new SUV
  • Airport Transfers and Pickup
  • Return Flight from Deadhorse
  • All meals and drinks (alcohol excluded)
  • Day Trips
  • Professional Guide
  • Permits for National Park

Take the trip you have always dreamed about. Travel by vehicle from Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean (almost) and return by flight. We will spend 6 fantastic days camping and hiking in what is one of the worlds last remaining intact ecosystems. We have excellent chances of sighting everything from Grizzly to Caribou to Musk Ox. We head north across the mighty Yukon and then cross the Brooks Range (Gates of the Arctic National Park). We spend several days hiking in the Brooks Range exploring its jagged mountains and glacially carved valleys. Once we pass over the Brooks Range we enter the North Slope which is entirely permafrost and home too many herds of caribou and groups of muskox. We visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge home to some of the most diverse and spectacular wildlife in the arctic. The tour ends in Deadhorse where we take a day trip to the Arctic Ocean and a get a first hand tour of the Prudhoe Bay oilfields before flying back to either Fairbanks or Anchorage as per your preference.

Day 1 - Arrive Fairbanks

We will pick you from the airport whereupon you will meet with team leader. We will ensure that you have the proper gear for the outing. Temperatures can be cold even in the summer north of the Arctic circle with daytime highs in Deadhorse averaging in the 30s and 40s F (0-5°C). Mosquitoes and bugs can be issues without proper gear and repellent. Overnight at the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel.

Day 2 - Fairbanks to Arctic Circle

We depart early in the morning towards where the Dalton Highway crosses the Arctic Circle where we will camp overnight. We cross the Yukon River and then stop at the 86-Mile Overlook to view the e Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge to the east. We make another stop at the Finger Mountain Wayside (MP 98) to take in the panoramic views and hike through the tundra. Our day ends at the undeveloped campground approximately where the road crosses the Arctic Circle.

Day 3 - Arctic Circle to Marion Creek

We start early for breakfast and coffee at at Gobblers Knob where we get excellent views of the Brooks Range. We stop at Grey Lake to see the beautiful glacier carver valley and then the small town of Coldfoot. It’s the only real truckstop along the highway and a good place to get any needed supplies. We camp overnight at Marion Creek.

Day 4 - Marion Creek to Atigun Pass

We get out of the car to visit the old mining town of Wiseman. We spend the day hiking around Sukakpak Mountain whose peak features a massive wall rising to 4,459 feet (1,338 m) that glows in the afternoon sun, Sukakpak Mountain is an awe-inspiring sight. We continue on past the Arctic Tree line another 60 miles to a camping spot near Atigun Pass.

Day 5 - Atigun Pass to Happy Valley

Atigun pass marks the top of the continental divide. We spend the day hiking at Atigun Gorge in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before camping near Happy Valley.

Day 6 - Happy Valley to Dead Horse

We start early passing the Sag River Overlook where you can get views of the Philip Smith Mountains. Look for wildlife such as Caribou and Musk Ox. Stop at the Franklin Bluffs reddish colored hills due to iron oxide deposits where we are likely to see Caribou from the Arctic Herd. We arrive in Deadhorse early in the day and will get a first hand tour of the Prudhoe Bay oilfields which is an entirely different experience after our journey on the Dalton Highway. We will make arrangements to see the Arctic Ocean which is 8 miles outside of Deadhorse but off limits to visitors not on a prearranged tour. We stay at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel in DeadHorse.

Day 7 - Deadhorse to Fairbanks or Anchorage

We will arrange returns flight back to either Fairbanks or Anchorage depending on your need.


  • Drinks and Snacks
We will drive on average 2 hours a day and spend the rest of the time making stops and hiking. We will camp for 5 nights so bring warm clothes, tent and other items. Mosquitoes and bugs can be issues without proper gear and repellent. It can be cold north of the Arctic Circle so bring warm clothes as well as rain gear. You need to be of at least average fitness for our excursions during the day and prepared for the elements and bugs. The area is remote and you access to the phone or internet will be limited. Everything is expensive in Alaska so and doubly so once we leave Fairbanks so its better to purchase goods before the trip. Please let me know if any questions or post them on the trip board.
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US$ 269 6 hours
US$ 59 2 hours