Whitehaven Coastal Walk Photos

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The colourful Whitehaven Coastal Walk starts from the historic 17th century Whitehaven harbour. It joins the Wainwright Coast with the Coast Path. With several remote beaches along the way, trekkers will get to see Saltom Pit, Haig Colliery Mining Museum & the Fleskwick Bay. This scenic coastal walk is one of the best in springtime when you…
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Fleskwick Bay - Whitehaven Coastal Walk UK

Sculpture @ Whitehaven Harbour UK Cumbria

Whitehaven - Walk In Snow - Cumbria UK

17th Century Whitehaven Harbour - Cumbria UK

Boat @ Whitehaven - Cumbria UK

Whitehaven Harbour View UK Cumbria

Whitehaven Old Pit Gear - Cumbria UK

Entrance To Whitehave Harbour UK Cumbria

Freezing Whitehaven Harbour - Cumbria UK

Single Coach Railcar @ Whitehaven Dock UK Cumbria

@ Whitehaven Harbour UK Cumbria

Cumbria UK @ Whitehaven Harbour

Whitehaven Harbour Overview UK Cumbria

Warning @ Whitehaven UK Cumbria

View Whitehaven Marina UK Cumbria