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    I have visited Chernobyl many times, but definitely with these guys it worth it. Proffesional guides, all inclusive trip from Kiev - you do not need to worry about anything from that point, seeing selfsettlers, powerplant ... everything was just amazing in very friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommend.

    Feb 16, 2018
    Benjamin Button
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    First, I was a bit scared about the destination because of all the history and prejudice. After getting all the right instructions and info from the customer service of, I felt much better, I could even have a proof for my wife that the trip with these guys will be safe ;-) Going for a 2-day tour with a guide called Tania was probably the best travel choice I have ever made in my life. Such a packed and balanced program, surprising facts...or even surprises on tour like giving you a free (supercool!!!) t-shirt or postcards and Tania will even send them for me, I never thought tours can be so well organised and though-through. Although all the limitations in Chernobyl and Pripyat (the ghost city), Tania gave us some extra time and showed around even some hidden places like the train station, shooting ranges or secret military factory. All to all, my favourite place was a giant Soviet radar called Duga or Moscow eye. It should be added to one of the World Wonders.....its so huge!
    I took also an extra tour with this company to a Rocket base, again one day full of mindblowing facts and touring underground. I am considering to join this company on their Dracula tours

    Feb 11, 2018
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