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  • Agila Llcnews
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    Stuff you may want to consider buying: Turkish knotted pile & flat woven Kilim carpets & rugs, onyx bowls & ornaments, Silver, leather goods, beads, Turkish sweets and coffee. Head to Grand Bazaar for easy shopping.

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  • Cem Tüten
    Cem Commented on Cappadocia :

    As you may noticed we need development to be able to protect this unique masterpiece of Land as a World Heritage value for the coming generations. Thank you, for your consideration. Cem Tüten

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  • Samantha Ortac
    Samantha Commented on Feriköy Protestant Cemetery :

    An interesting place to visit and directly opposite there is the Roman catholic graveyard which is also well worth a visit as it holds a number of military graves from the Crimean war. Allow a couple of hours to visit both graveyards. You can easi

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  • Jane Brook
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    We booked our Ephesus Tours Ephesus Tours with Magical Steps in October 2012. Our guide was very flexible and caring of our wishes. he organized the tour so we could use our time to our best advantages. The Ephesus tour was interesting and covered mo

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  • Hamza Eyigor
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    Online travel agency providing private Ephesus tours, biblical and cultural tours in Turkey for reasonable prices with the best guides and excellent services

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  • Tara
    Tara Commented on Dolmabahee Palace :

    Dolmabahce Palacewas really easy to get to, it’s at the northern end of tram line T1 and from our hotel in Sultanahmet in the Old City it was just a short walk to the tram stop near the Blue Mosque where we bought a couple of tokens for 2 lira each

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