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    We paid David Kiango $250 to drive us from Dar to Mikumi roundtrip.
    He came with an old beat up nissan 4x4 that was previously in a bad accident according to David and had not been driven for the last two years.
    Just after we passed Chalinze about 100 km from Dar, the right rear tire of the vehicle came off and we could see it running in front of us.
    We are lucky to be alive. Our entire day and trip ruined and had to take the bus back to Dar.
    Now we are waiting for David to refund the money.
    So far no response to our emails.
    Please beware of this guy. He is a scam artist and a smooth talker.
    He runs several websites which should be shut down and he should not be in this business screwing tourists and wasting their time and money.

    Mar 11, 2018
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    David Daud Kaingo, you asked me to write you a review……here it is!
    This crook quoted a price for accommodations and charter flights. 5 days before our departure from US, he claimed that the charter company was not honoring the quote for the flights, and I needed to pay more. Long story short, he never even booked the flights. The hotel actually did. And then, he never paid the balance due for the flights, meaning, once we were already on our trip, and had taken our first charter flight, the hotel, caught in the middle, had to inform me that we needed to pay again!
    Once home from our trip, I disputed the charges with my credit card company. Thankfully, I have recouped that money, and he has gotten chargebacks from the credit cards.
    Whether he is a crook, or a really poor business man, just DO NOT get involved with him!! Other names:
    Kaingo Adventure Safaris
    Tanzania Safaris
    Botanic Country
    Made In Tanzania
    House of Changes
    Stay away!

    Mar 18, 2016
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