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    Nadia Ugrinova
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    Do not choose Global adventure safaris and do not trust to Edward Wilson Laiser
    We have had a very bad experience with that company.
    In Dec 2015 we contacted the company for a Machame route and 2 days safari for August 2016 and prepaid our safari tour based on their offer and invoice. In May 2016 we paid for another one person based on another invoice. So far, so good but the problems started in July 2016.
    We informed Edward that one of the boys broke his leg and could not travel. It was 32days prior arrival and according to the company cancellation policy, he should give us 90% refund. Nevertheless he proposed 40% refund and said that they had changed their cancellation policy meanwhile. We have not received any refund yet.
    In Aug 2016, 4 days prior our arrival in Tanzania, he informed us that we should pay an additional amount of 650USD and 250USD VAT, 900USD in total per person if we want to continue with our safari. His explanation was that we were included in a group with another 3 persons for the same tour package, for the same dates and they cancelled their trip the previous day.
    During all that period we haven’t been informed that we were part of a group, what will be the price if the group collapse and what will be our options in that case. For me this provider offers safaris with misleading information with the purpose of fraud. The provider (if it is a real company) asked for an additional money in the last moment and rely on no chance of reaction from customer side.
    After all our protests that he changed the initially approved condition in the last moment and that we didn’t know that we were part from a group, he promised to refund the full amount for 2 persons and 40% for the 3-rd person in 10-15 days. Now, 77 days later, we haven’t received anything.
    Do not choose this fraud company, they will take your money and do not execute the promised safari.

    Nov 3, 2016
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