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Yaxchilan was a large center, important throughout the Classic era, and the dominant power of the Usumacinta River area. It dominated such smaller sites as Bonampak, and had a long rivalry with Piedras Negras and at least for a time with Tikal; it was a rival of Palenque, with which Yaxchilan warred in 654.
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Yaxchilan Primary - Chiapas -Mexico

Yaxchilan - Chiapas -Mexico

Yaxchilan Site - Chiapas -Mexico

Yaxchilan Main Plaza - Chiapas -Mexico

Yaxchilan At Chiapas -Mexico

Yaxchilanelves - Chiapas -Mexico

Yaxchilan Ruins - Chiapas -Mexico

Yaxchilan Images - Chiapas -Mexico