Cenote Maya-Ekbalam

Visit the archaeological site of Ek-Balam. Ek Balam means ""Bright Star Jaguar"" in Maya, it is an ancient Maya city that had its glory before Chichen Itza. This archaeological site is one of the latest attractions because of its most recent restoration. Discover the mysterious Maya Cenote, enjoy its beautiful natural formations and great natural pool of 80 m diameter. During the tour we will see different Maya communities. Take home your memories with the beautiful photographs taken by our native photographers during the activities.

Address or meeting point

Hotel Lobby.

Hours & minutes

10 hours.

Start or opening time

10:30 a.m.

End or closing time

16:30 p.m.


Maximum number 1

Minimum number 12


Is there any parking? Is it on the street, private or public? No.

Is it possible to get there by public transport? No.

Guides & companions

Is it done with a guide, a driver and/or an instructor? Guide.

Which languages do guide/instructors speak? English, French, German, Italian, Portugues, Spanish

Are audio guides or brochures available? if so, in which languages? English and Spanish

Which is the guide/guest ratio? 1-12.

Are they trained in CPR/First Aid? Yes.

Do you provide additional companions or personnel? No.

Shopping information

Is there a shop? How much time is spent on shopping? Yes, 30 minutes.

Are credit/debit cards accepted? Which ones? Visa and Mastercard

Are any commercial stops made during the tour? No.

Content & Specialized items

Are additional items needed? Which ones are included? No.

List all additional items clients need to bring (towels,...) Comfortable shoes and closed.

List the specific clothing required Comfortable clothes, swimsuit, change of clothes.


Is lunch/dinner included on this tour? Yes.

Is there a restaurant at the venue? Yes.

What is the category and speciality of the restaurant? Buffet luch.

May the client bring his/her own food? Is there a picnic area? No.

What is the seating capacity of each restaurant? 50.

List the menu (include the cost of an alternative one) Salads, rice, bean pies, chicken and cheese, lime soup, fruit.

Is bottled water and/or soft drinks included with the meals? Yes.

Is coffee / tea included at the end of each meal? Yes.

List the additional cost for including wine/beer with the meals No.

Can specials requests be accommodated? (vegetarian,...) Yes.

Are there smoking / non smoking areas? Yes.

Are there restrooms available? Yes.


Is there a snack included? No.

Can special requests be accommodated? (Vegetarian,...) No.


Are drinks included? Yes.

Is there any place to get a drink? No.

Restroom Information

List all venues where restrooms are available In the toilets.

Which of them are accessible by wheelchair? Yes.

Is there a charge to use any of them? No.

Are there any restroom-only stops during the tour? No.

Physical condition

What is the fitness level required? Any.

Would people with limited mobility have accessibility problems? (to the vehicle, to the restaurant,...) Yes.

Is it feasible for wheelchair-confined persons? Yes.

What type of paving does it have? (flat, uneven...) Uneven ground

How much walking is required? (km, meters) 2 km.


Is there any fee or limitation for photo/video camera usage? The archaeological site is required to pay dues.

Are there any additional costs? List them 100 pesos.

Which currencies are accepted? Mexican pesos, U.S. dollars and euros.

Which is the minimum/maximum age to participate? (for all or each one of the activities) Minimum 6 years and no maximum.

Which is the minimum/maximum height to participate? 1 meters.

Which is the minimum/maximum weight to participate? 30 kgs.

Is a waiver required for participation? Yes.

Product price detail

Tour Cenote Maya-Ekbalam from Riviera Maya

Age of child

Appropriate age for child ticket from 6 to 12 years

For cancellation up to 3 days, a full refund will be given. For cancellation up to 1 days, 50% refund will be given.
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