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Our mission is Not only showcasing the beautiful country we have but ensuring that our clients…
38 yrs, Male, Married
Travel Consultant / Tour Guide
Nakuru, Kenya
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    I have worked with Fredick Omondi and one thing I have come to learn is that he is a very meticulous person. Any tour from that he handles has no mistakes, no oversights. Just flawless. He is one there is never a reason to countercheck if he has done the right thing or not. He need almost nil supervision. I have dealt with many in the Tourism and Travel industry in Kenya but very few match his attention to detail.
    Safaris organized by Fredrick are almost flawless save for other unavoidable conditions. Never because he forgot to book or reserve or include some documents. He is a great asset to the whole Tourism industry in Kenya.

    May 10, 2019

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