Beads Safaris Collection Photos

Beads Safaris Collection is a Destination Management Company operating tourism services all over East Africa. We specialize in offering the best and most unique properties and locations for our guests’ safety and enjoyment tailor-made to their needs. Our staff have in depth knowledge of the people, flora, fauna and best business and leisure…
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Bsc Feb3rd Mtsuswa Figtreecave

Bsc Jan16th Nairobi Museum Gallery Ahmed

Bsc Jan15th Lilac Roller

Bsc Jan14th Lakedulutilodge

Bsc Jan13th Dscn0176

Bsc Jan12th Karura Forest Yellow Billed Duck 2

Bsc Jan10th Mimosa Cinnamon Chested Beeeater

Bsc Jan6th White Headed Buffalo Weaver