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Elmina Castle was erected by Portugal in 1482 as São Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine) Castle, also known simply as Mina or Feitoria da Mina) in present-day Elmina, Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast). It was the first trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea, so is the oldest European building in existence below the Sahara. First established…
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St. George Castle

Ghana Elmina Castle Slave Holding Cell

Ghana Elmina Castle Slave Holding Cell 2 8 2 2 9

Ghana Elmina Castle Slave Export Gate

Ghana Elmina Castle Memorial Plaque

Ghana Elmina Castle Male And Female Slave Entrances

Ghana Elmina Castle Interior

Ghana Elmina Castle Interior View Of Church

El Mina Castle Renovation, August 2006

\\\"The Castle Of St. George D\\\'Elmina, One Side Of It\\\" In

Elmina Castle Viewed From The Sea In 1668. Notice European Shipp

16th Century Map Of African Coast, Showing \\\"A Mina\\\" (the M

Elmina Castle In The Blaeu-Van Der Hem Atlas.

Ghana Elmina Castle Gun Defences