Upper Harz Water Regale Photos

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The Upper Harz Water Regale (German: Oberharzer Wasserregal) is a system of dams, reservoirs, ditches and other structures, much of which was built from the 16th to 19th centuries to divert and store the water that drove the water wheels of the mines in the Upper Harz region of Germany. The term regale, here, refers to the granting of royal…
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Teiche Buntenbock

Arches On The Zellerfeld Ditch

Walkers By The Morgenbrodstal Ditch

Regulating Equipment For Water Supply On The Dam Ditch

Reconstruction Of A Reciprocal Water Wheel

The Dam Ditch Near Altenau

Portal Of The Huttal Tunnel

Exit Portal Of The Lower Hasenbach Tunnel

Ernst August Stollen

Kellerhalsteich Panorama

Kranicher Teich

K Clausthal

Huettenteich Altenau