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Interested Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Local Guides can now buy leads from interested travelers. Each lead is from an interested traveler and includes an email, phone, number of people in group and any other special requirements. Touristlink generates leads come from Touristlink members, online campaigns and weekly email promotions. If you want to take advantage of this service you must already have signed up and have a free account with Touristlink. We will extend a free trail to qualified members who want to test our system before buying (Request an Invite).

Touristlink Credits

Travel Providers can access the lead data by prepaying for credits. Credits can be used to unlock email and client phone numbers. Each credit cost Rs 15 (USD 0.25) -

Shared Exclusive
Goa Domestic Lead 5 Credits 12 Credits
Kerala Domestic Lead 5 Credits 12 Credits

Before buying you are able to see the following basic information pertaining to the lead.

  1. Traveling destination
  2. Arrival dates
  3. Occupancy (adults + kids)
  4. Requirement (truncated to 100 chars)
  5. Lead originating country & city based on the ip address from where the lead is posted
  6. Budget range of the traveler (economy/standard/luxury)
  7. Tour style (honeymoon/couple/groups/family/student/coroporate)
  8. Traveler city & country
  9. Whether the traveler has provided the phone number or email address
  10. Whether the traveler has profile with us

Once the lead is purchased or unlocked, you will be able to see the following additional information;

  1. Traveler phone primary & secondary number (if any)
  2. Traveler email address (if any)
  3. Traveler profile URL (if any)
  4. Preferred contact timing (if specified)
  5. Complete requirement
  6. Traveling plan type (e.g the date and place is already decided.)
  7. No. of nights
Shared vs. Exclusive Leads

We offer both shared and exclusive leads. In the case of Exclusive leads once purchased it will no longer be available for sale on the system.

  1. Shared Purchased: Max 4 Travel Agent can buy the lead and contact the Traveler.
  2. Exclusive Purchased: Once the lead is purchased cannot be purchased by the other Travel Agent. The cost of exclusive leads is almost three times that of a shared lead as we resell the lead only once.
What happens once a lead is purchased?

Once a lead is purchased the traveler who made the lead will get a notification from Touristlink that you have purchased the lead. We provide the traveler with details of your company based on your Touristlink profile. We do this so that the traveler wont be surprised when you follow up via email or on the phone.

What happens to the un-purchased leads?

After 24 hours touristlink pass on the un-purchased leads to external suppliers so that the travelers will be served.

How am I doing? Reviews and Feedback from Travelers

Once a lead is purchased we send an email to the traveler to rate the feedback of the travel provider after 48 hours. We forward this feedback from the traveler to you so that you may improve your service. There is provision for the traveler to refer the travel agent after the completion of the tour. We may in the future publish the reviews from travelers on the website.

Are Leads Refundable?

Credits used to purchase the lead are not refundable or reversible unless and until the lead is found to be Junk. If a lead has invalid details you can easily flag and we will review the details on a case-by-case basis. We will return the credit to your account if the lead is invalid.

Touristlink Refund Policy

Touristlink offers a 100% guarantee on every lead that you buy so you can have full confidence that every lead purchased is a genuine lead from a real traveler. Leads are considered valid if you can reach the customer and they are interested in travelling to the destination. If the customer books with someone else or changes plans at some future date we consider it a valid lead. We cannot guarantee that potential travelers will be interested in your offer or respond positively. Please review the details of the policy carefully.

Refundable Leads

  1. Not able to contact the client via phone or email after a reasonable effort is made. Not all clients will pick-up immediately and you may need to both call and email them several times before getting a response.
  2. Client is reachable but has no plans for a trip or has cancelled his plans.
  3. Client is reachable but indicates he has not made any travel inquiry

Not Refundable

  1. If you talk with the customer and send a quote and then the client stops picking your call or responding.
  2. If you talk with the customer and send a quote and then the client books with someone else.
  3. If you talk with the customer and they cancel plans because of accident or any other reason.
  4. If you talk with the customer and they change plans on follow up calls
How can I learn about new leads? Lead Alerts

Travel providers can setup the lead alert so whenever the new lead becomes available for sale they can get a notification. The alert can be set for the particular destination and can be set to either instant or daily for e.g.

  1. Alert me for all domestic lead of Goa or
  2. Alert me for all the inbound lead from USA to Goa or
  3. Alert me for all the outbound lead from India to Thailand

The notification can be instant or daily and can be editable. for e.g.
If you do not want to get notified on weekend just set the notification to none in "My Alert" section of the lead module on Friday evening.

Lead Follow-up Notes

Touristlink allows you to add follow-up notes to the leads you have purchased. Adding follow-up notes is optional but allows for easy record keeping and coordination between employees if more than one person logs into your Touristlink account. You can set follow-up time and receive notifications as well for e.g.
You called the customer and they said I am busy call me at 3 PM in afternoon. You can then setup the follow-up note with the time and Touristlink will automatically send you the email and SMS on our email and phone number before 15 min of the next follow-up time.

Lead Status

You have the optional option to update the status of any of your purchased leads for easy record keeping. Leads can be marked with any of the following statuses;

  1. Purchased (system default after you purchased the lead)
  2. Processing
  3. Booked
  4. Cancelled
Flagging Leads as Positive or Negative

Travel providers can marked the purchased lead as positive or negative for easily referencing in future.

Marking Leads as Junk

If you identified the purchased lead has incorrect phone number or email address you can mark the lead as Junk. Touristlink will examine the lead and once the information is verified will reverse the equivalent credit points. We are 100% transparent with the customer and do not charge if something is really not good.

Credit Purchase

The credit can be purchased online or offline based on your preferences. Travel agent can buy the lead in bulk starting from 10 to 1000 credits. If you already subscribed to one of our subscription listed at Business Promotional Packages you may get the additional credits for free based on your subscription level (please contact us).

The online URL to buy the credit is https://www.touristlink.com/lead/credit.html or you can send the equivalent amount via NEFT or Cheque deposit to following bank account.

Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd.
Branch: Nagpur - Dharampeth Extn
Account Name: Holiday Deals Pvt Ltd
Account No.: 01027610000100
IFSC Code: HDFC0000102
Branch Address: 204, Bhagyashree Compound, Cement Road, Shankar Nagar Square, Dharampeth Extention, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur-440010, Maharashtra

Once the NEFT or Cheque deposit is done sent us the transaction slip we will credit the equivalent credit points into your account in next 8 working hours based on the realization of the transaction.

Please feel free to email us for any question and queries at support@touristlink.com, we will be happy to assist you.

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