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Lets talk about travel! No self promotion or spam.
Note: Travel agents and tour guides can only post to the deal category.
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Kathmandu May 12, 2018 12:00 AM

Kathmandu, The capital of the country Nepal is a valley surrounded by hills on every corner.

If you are looking for the local people and their way of life, children’s and their joyful days , green fields and crops , temples on top of hills and the fresh surrounding in the hills; you are heartily welcome to join the short hike. You will get the chance to immerse in the local culture and ethics of living.

Goldhunga view tower lays 5 kms from the city center Thamel. We can reach the base through private transportation in 15 minutes. From there we start passing through the farms, local houses and shops. As we climb up we start seeing them below and far away. The scenario is awesome. A good effort uphill will take us to the top of the hill where a tower stands tall observing the beautiful city of Kathmandu at its best. Staying at the tower for half an hour sensing the ever flowing cool breeze and witnessing the mighty Shivapuri hills certainly chills everyone. And not to miss is the activity of young and old might eagles roaming wild and free in search of its prey. The place is a choice for photographers, nature lovers and people who love solitude.

Recently a fun park has also started its service near the tower where one can enjoy thrilling ferries wheel ride. The families with their children are all over there spending good time. It is wonderful being there and smiling with the flow. There are restaurants with good food and local drinks and good views to enjoy. In addition we can arrange for a local meal at locals place as well.

Descending down the hill is quite easy and adventurous. Passing through thin hilly steeps on the shaded trail is exciting. Sometimes the troop of monkeys appears from nowhere. You will start missing the hike already as it ends up.

This short hike is suitable for

·         Travelers  new  in the city

·         Travelers having  free days in the city

·         Travelers spending last days in the city

Cost $25 per person

Cost includes

Private transportation

 Lunch / Snacks

What to bring?



Most favorable day for the hike is Saturday


hi! i'm planning on taking a day-trip to Mt Seorak in June, and was wondering if there were lockers at this station where I can leave my luggage?