Welcome To SAHIF Zanzibar Tours And Travel Company Limited

Saleh Saleh

SAHIF Zanzibar Tours and Travel is a local Tour operator based in Zanzibar where it was founded, registered and certified to work in Zanzibar and elsewhere. The office is situated in Zanzibar at Fuoni, Getini, Maharabiko on the right side of the road as you drive to the South District. Apart from organizing Hotel booking and reservations the Company carries out services of tour and excursions in Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland at large. Please do come and enjoy the hospitality and friendship of the Zanzibar Peoples. A people blessed with criss cross cultural diversity from almost all the continents as well as a taste of the cuisine, traditional drinks of fruit juices and cultural activities like music(Taarab) showcased annually in Spring as well as the Zanzibar International Film Festival(ZIFF) in Summer Between the two major Internationals various festivals local, national and regional are performed making the Islands scene vibrant to enthusiast tempo. Last year an additional extravaganza added was the first ever Zanzibar Tourism Show that show cased more than 100 operators of all sorts active in the The tourism Industry. HJopefully more festivals will showcase more of Zanzibar in future and this leaves room for more investment creating more jobs and lessening poverty the major government strategy at enhancing development. So is SAHIF and so we ask all partners possible to enter with us memorandum o f understanding so that we can received channeled guests and render services. WELCOME TO SAHIF...... WELCOME TO ZANZIBAR ......WELCOME TO TANZANIA....WELCOME TO WORK WITH SAHIF

7 months ago