Vietnam Visa At Embassy - Vietnam Visa On Arrival. Which Do You Choose?

Sophia Doth

One of the most controversial questions raised by foreigners recently is that they wonder if they should apply for a Vietnamese visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in their country or they should apply for i style="">Vietnam visa on arrival. 

It seems that the time and money spent on Embassy procedures makes people more interested in Vietnam visa online. However, many have argued that obtaining a Visa through the Travel Agency website is not safe and reliable to get support from the government - Vietnam Embassy. It is a completely outdated viewpoint, the online visa service is licensed by the Immigration Department - the Government of Vietnam to act as an intermediary between Vietnam Immigration Department and international visitors. Let's see the pros and cons of each way:
b style="">Advantages of applying for a visa at the i>Vietnamese Embassy:
- A visa has been stamped on your passport before you depart for Vietnam
- Applicable to tourists traveling to Vietnam by any means of transportation
- Pay once for the visa fee at the Vietnamese Embassy
br>Disadvantages of applying for a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy:
- Break up with your original passport
- Must drive to the nearest embassy or send documents by mail
- Direct handling of Vietnamese embassies- Fees and visa procedures vary at different Vietnamese embassies
br>Advantages of Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA):
This type of visa is highly recommended because of its convenience and simplicity, such as:
- Apply for Visa on the internet. No need to run around embassies to get Visa, which means less headaches.
- Cheaper and save a lot of time.
- No need to send any specific documents.
- Fast processing time (2 working days).
- VOA Viet is worth the same as regular visa, you can extend it if you want to stay in Vietnam longer
br>Disadvantages of Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA):
In fact, Vietnam Visa still has some limitations:
- Only entry value by air.
- Receiving Visa stamps at airports, cannot be obtained in advance.
- Wait for 15-30 minutes at the Visa Counter airport to get a Visa Visa.

Now let me know you also recognize the pros and cons of each method. Which way do you choose for your Visa? Get the most accurate answer b style="">here.
3 months ago