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I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can take a train or bus from Bern to Shallenberg Pass? Or is driving the only option? Thank you in advance.


Clean Places to stay with breakfast near Central Bus Station in Berlin in November please advise..


we a group of 6 adults staying in centre of Cologne this December and would like to go for a day to Bruhl or even visit some nice towns near can this be possible? do you know of some company that can organise a van for us 6 to take us there and back pls? or is it better by train or other sort of transport? we don't drive.please help tks


I'd like to explore the Paris catacombs with a guide.

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To any Greek local in Athens

I would like to know if arriving at 1400 hours from the canal.... there is a sunset tour leaving around 1700 hours so as to catch
the sunset at around 1930 hours that happens that day

I know there are only 3 real tour providers who actually do the tour and are not travel agents.

Having difficulty to do both the same day 

thank you

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i style="">Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm still learning! But I would very much like someone to help me with more information about Iceland and Luxembourg. A native of these two countries, please?

What are the hours the Christkindl Church is open for viewing? Is it open every day? My husband and I are staying in the old town. Do you recommend we take a taxi, or is it a walkable distance?

Síva Priya Maadwar

Can anyone suggest me beautiful villages near Vienna?

George Markovsky

Welcome to St. Petersburg, welcome to the world of Russian history and Russian beauty!

If your cruise ship makes a parking in the port of St. Petersburg for 1-3 days, the Best Best Company Team has prepared recommend to you many different shore excursions

These include:
- Intensive tours, allowing you to see the maximum of sights in a short time
- Relaxed tours for lovers of careful study of new places
- Luxury programs for the most demanding tourists
- Special programs covering Jewish attractions in St. Petersburg and the history of Jews in Russia
- Adapted programs for families with children and teens with games

In addition, the company Best Guides Team offers one-day trips from St. Petersburg to Moscow and shore excursions in all major Baltic sea ports: Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, Rostock.

Is there anything new on Moen for 2018 - particularly tourist attractions?
Thank you