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Karan Kale

hi, i wanted to know if we could take our own car to the kohka lake?

Mendo Dhim
by: Mendo Dhim , 2 months ago

For those who love peaceful stay, Mendo Dhim Homestay is the best option for you. Quiet place, Free wifi available, 3 bedrooms, Bonfire, Traditional Outfits, Traditional Foods, Terrace, Views, Buddhist Monastary, Museum, Ropeway Nearby, Deorali market nearby where tourists can buy anything from coffee to food to clothes etc, Main market known as M.G. Marg is just 1 km away from the stay and can get a direct cab to town. And sight seeing is also done with extra charge. Gangtok,sikkim (India)

Ronny Noor
by: Ronny Noor , 2 months ago'am new here...greeting from Sapit Lombok

Ronny Noor
by: Ronny Noor , 2 months ago'am new here...greeting from Sapit Lombok

Api Moje

hi are u interested //////////////////////////////////////

by: Horus2 , 5 months ago

Nothing is better than spending  a night trip on the deck of a floating boat  in the     
eternally Nile where you can see the warm sun, the monuments of the first civilization in the world which makes you feel pride and know the greatness of the ancient Egyptians.
About this activity
Duration :  Five  days           
The bill : stamped by the company
The guide : ( English- French – Italian – Spanish – German)
Reception service: from and to the station or the airport
Easy cancellation : In a specified period.

Ajith Kumarvt

What are the costs for chardham packages?

Dwita Hafidz
by: Dwita Hafidz , 6 months ago

The Beauty of Bromo Ijen Semeru Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall or Tumpak Sewu, this tourist attraction in Pronojiwo sub-district is predicted to be the best tourist attraction in Indonesia. With very different characters from Coban tourism objects in Indonesia such as the beauty of Madakaripura Waterfall in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park or Dua Warna in Sibolangit, North Sumatra.

The panoramic beauty of the Tumpak Sewu/Coban Sewu Waterfall will be a favorite of local tourist destinations and foreign tourists because these new destinations in Lumajang are very phenomenal and shocking to all Indonesian travelers.

Lumajang Regency, which is well-known as a banana-producing region, is indeed in the area of Mount Semeru, so it is not surprising to have a tourist attraction that is ready to be explored by travelers. so many tourist choices in Lumajang Regency, giving the choice of Tour Packages to be so diverse such as Semeru Trekking Tour Packages, Trekking, and Camping Peak B29 Tour Packages, and of course the latest namely Coban Sewu / Tumpak Sewu Tour Packages which are staying up to become Tourist Destinations in Lumajang Regency Yang Will be crowded with visitors.

Hương Ngo

Hi everybody,

My name is Anna, i am a funny and friendly Vietnamese.

I can arrange VIP transfer service in Ha noi and Tour service, i am a local girl and works in travel tourism for 7 years, i can recommend for you  some tip and tour such as Ha noi city tour, ha long bay, ninh binh.... 

So i will very happy if i receive some respond from you.

Wish all of you happiness and enjoy life!

Thanks with best regard
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Goranko Ilić

Can you share your experiences in Southern Asia?