The Most Beautiful And Strangest Statue Carved In The World!

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The most beautiful and strangest statue carved in the world!
The statue of King Khafra made of Diorite.
One of the hardest stones on the planet after the diamond.
There is no history of mankind through any statue that enables human to be craved of this stone sculptures , only a small size and not very carefully carved.
Even with the use and marble cutting tools, and sculpture they did not succeed in carving a statue with all this size and accuracy to this day.
The statue is surrounded by Horus Falcon.
It is also a miracle that you can not see the falcon Horus except from the side. 
As for the front, only the face of the king is seen, and from the back there is only the head of Horus.
It is on the occasion printed on the paper ten Egyptian pounds

2 months ago