A ‘Most Beautiful’ Ancient Tomb Was Discovered In Saqqara, Egypt

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“The color is almost intact even though the tomb is almost 4,400 years old,” Enany said.

The tomb, located in Saqqara, depicts images of religious offerings, musical shows, ailing boats, and hunting.

The tomb’s measurements are 10 meters long, three meters wide, and about three meters high, according to the Ministry.The mystifying thing about this find is that the tomb was found “exceptionally well-preserved” with vivid paint on the wall, and the walls adorned with hieroglyphs and statues of the ancient pharaohs.

Minister of Antiquities Khaled Enany said that the tomb is “one of a kind” compared to the ones that have been uncovered in the last decades.Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities revealed a new find carried out by an Egyptian archaeological mission, that pulled out a 4,400 year old tomb dating back to the Fifth Dynasty royal priest at Saqqara.

4 days ago