Lagoon Tour By Srilankan Catermaran

Madushan Fernando

I will do a calmness Sri Lankan catamaran tour with you in Negombo lagoon
Negombo is one of the major tourist destinations in the country because of The main international airport of Sri Lanka is in Negombo Metropolis So any tourists who stay in hotel in negombo area can get opportunity easily I will pick up you from any hotel in negombo area by tuk-tuk with out any extra chargersAbout tourEarly in the morning at 5.30 am or evening time 3.45 p.m is best time to start for lagoon tour there is a lot to to do and see while your travel
Go for a crab hunting this will be very special (you can get this experience only from us)ride through peaceful surrounding  
discover lagoon fisheries activities
a visit for negombo fish market
discover beautiful birds in lagoon
for these all experience you have to cost for these all experience you have to cost $20 only 

after lagoon tour we can go for beach side it at walking far from our end of lagoon tour (less than1km) to watch sun set and you can relax there

11 months ago