Friend Requests From Tour Guides And Travel Agents

David Urmann
We currently let tour guides and travel agents send friend requests to everyone. Is this something everyone likes or should we limit this?
Paul Theuri
Dear David,
I think it's a good thing to let the members contact each other freely. Otherwise if someone does not want to be your freindship can decline your requests.....
Suraj Chapagain
Its a good platform for the agents and travelers to connect each other. I think there should be chat option to chat with online users rather than limiting.
Onesmo Novath
Let people connect to each other. Travel agents and Tour guides are linked together by the TOURSTLINK. Do not limit please!!!
Prit Patel
You need to limit this. let the traveler decide whom he want rather then agents and guide sending them friend request..

1). i plan a trip i get about 15 friend request which i accept.
2). i finalize one then i have to delete other 14.

other way round lets say if i plan a trip tourist link give me a list of guides and agents from which i choose. when i choose i also see their REFERENCES and DETAIL about them which they have to input in their PROFILE. as im link to other websites also and this is their way..

UPDATE profile's are needed when we plan trips multiple way. guides, agents, fellow travelers.
this make easy for both the people...
David Urmann
Hi Prit.. I pretty much agree with you and we will be moving towards this in the future. As a traveler I like to connect with other travelers but dont want to get requests from random travel agents. For now you can block these manually by updating your settings. Here is how
Devictor Mason
It says I have 397 notifications, and since most are from travel agents, that doesn't bother me. The email notification is what I read, as rarely is it an advertisement. So for now David I can't recommend any changes to your system.
Komang Jimmy
I agree with Doctor Mason
Raj Singhania
Hi David,
I would request you not to limit, this trend is already available at FB ,g+ etc, Tourist link, Fb are social network sites which should not be restricted to any limitations, also tour operators require such freedom as they are facing high competition also.If one do not want to receive any updates or communication they can remove from friend list which is already there then what's the use of limitations?
I have profile in Fb,g+ etc & i hardly observe any removal from my friend list, this means members are enjoying the company somewhere
Zita Kozari
Hi David, i vote for no limitation, altough its a bit bugging that people straight away try to be my facebook friend through this page.
Khled Hussain
hi i agree with you i amm khaled from bangladesh
by: Khled Hussain from Moulovibazar 3 years ago