Valparaiso from Neruda's Perspective

Introducing our brand new route following the steps of Pablo Neruda: Famous Chilean poet, Nobel Prize winner and diplomat. This walking tour is perfect if you want to know more about Pablo Neruda's life. A man that has been always involved in controversial situations around the world, but also a very important Nobel Prize winner character for the Chilean history. Come join us and learn a bit about Neruda's juicy stories.

3pm: La Sebastiana

Meet your red and white striped Wally at Pablo Neruda's own house in Valparaiso and begin your journey in Neruda's shoes. Pablo felt the tiredness of Santiago, that's why he found another home in Valparaiso. Get to know the person behind the famous Chilean character on the steps in front of La Sebastiana and let our Wallys explain you the stories that aren't mentioned in his official biography.

3:30pm: Cerro Florida y Bellavista

Find out why tourism in Valparaiso would have never been developed, without these two hills, just outside of the UNESCO heritage in which you can still feel the neighborhood atmosphere.

4pm: Museo a Cielo Abierto

The reason why Valparaiso is currently within the list of the most important street art capitals of South America? Come join us and see a bit of classic muralism and all the area in which this marvelous type of art started.

4:30pm: Pablo Neruda's Favorite Bar

As a poet, probably a bohemian lifestyle was mandatory to get inspired. That's why Neruda had to choose one particular place to spend a few afternoons sharing with the community: His favorite Bar!
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