Two Days Tour with River Cruise Sunset in Phnom Penh

For morning activities, the tour takes up at Royal Palace to Wat Sampov Trengleak that is cross the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge or Chroy Changvar Bridge, along the Tonle Sap river toward Wat Sampov Treyleak, was constructed in 1966. At this location we have the perfect scenic view of the Royal Palace from across the river. Soon after we travel to Koh Dach, is about 15km from north of Phnom Penh on the Mekong River, tourists or visitor can buy the original Khmer silk at Koh Dach or visiting Khmer people how to make the high quality of silk at there and we also have lunch at Koh Dach too. After tour travels back to Phnom Penh in order to visiting Olympic Stadium that designed by architect Vann Molyvann, it was built in 1964. When we finish visiting the Olympic stadium, we go shopping that consists of many kinds of products make by Cambodian people such as: silk handcrafts, pictures, sculptures and more. For our dinner start at riverside of Phnom Penh that contains Khmer or foreign dishes with the best service in restaurants.


Second day, the tour travels to take a look at Yeay Duan Penh statue near Wat Phnom. Yeay Duan Penh is a old lady who lived at Chaktomuk and found Phnom Penh capital city of Cambodia. Next, we travel to Tuol Sleng to see the pictures how Pol Pot torture Cambodian people. It’s a very sad place but a must-see that hammers home the horror that was the Khmer Rouge. When we finish visiting in Toul Sleng Museum, tour leaves for local lunch near Russian market. Tour takes a trip to Wat Langka located at kitty of Independence Monument. In this pagoda consist of pictures of Buddhist, scarce plants or flowers and especially, we see Rang Phnom tree (Cannonball tree), is a kind of tree that Buddhist was born under. Cambodian people believe that cannonball tree’s flowers are helpful tonic for pregnant woman when she boils the petals for drinking. Tour spends short time to Samdach Chuon Nath statue, he is a master of the Khmer Literature, was born on March 11, 1883 and died on September 25, 1969. Samdach Chuon Nath also remained his effort in conservation of the Cambodian language in the form of the Cambodian dictionaries. Walking across one street to look at Krom Nguy statue at the Hun Sen park. He was a father of Khmer Poetry in Cambodia, he’s gone away but his legacy remains with Khmer Nation forever.  Soon after we travel to riverfront for cruising a boat on the Tonle Sap River and watching sunset on the middle of river.  Finally, we end at Royal Palace, the tour wishes visitors enjoy about our arrangements.


Day One

07:30AM                                     Meeting point in front of Royal Palace

07:45AM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Wat Sampov Trengleak

08:20AM                                     Guests arrive Wat Sampov Treyleak

08:20AM – 08:40AM                    At Wat Sampov Trengleak

09:00AM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Koh Dach

09:30AM- 11:30AM                      Visiting Koh Dach

11:30AM – 12:30PM                     Lunch

01:00PM                                     Guests arrive at Tour Bus

02:00PM -02:40PM                      Visiting Olympic Stadium

03:00PM -04:30PM                      Tour Bus leaves for Shopping

05:00PM-07:00PM                       Dinner


Day Two

08:00AM                                Pick up guest from hotel

08:20AM – 08:50AM               Visiting Ya Duan Penh Statue

09:20AM – 11:00AM               Visiting Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

11:30AM – 12:30PM               Lunch

01:30PM – 02:00PM               Visiting Samdech Chhounnat Statue

02:30PM – 03:00PM               Visiting Krom Nguy Statue

04:00PM – 05:00PM               Cruising boat

05:30PM                               Tour end

- Entrance Fee - Meal: two lunches and one dinner - Land Transportation: Bus and Driver - English Tour Guide - Drinks (mineral water) - Tax / Service Fee
- Entrance Fee - Meal: two lunches and one dinner - Land Transportation: Bus and Driver - English Tour Guide - Drinks (mineral water) - Tax / Service Fee
For cancellation up to 3 days, a full refund will be given. For cancellation up to 1 days, 50% refund will be given.
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