The place where people believe is the home of dragon


In the morning, we will meet at the Independence Monument. Oudong is 40 kilometers northwest from Phnom Penh. From the meeting point, Independence monument, it will take one hour to reach Oudong.

After our one-hour journey, we arrive at Oudong. First, we start our visit at the northern end of the hill, where there are lots of souvenir vendors with inexpensive souvenirs. Then you can climb the hill by a steep stairway with 509 steps which will lead you to the newest addition to Phnom Udong: a glitzy modern temple home to a famous Buddha relic (some bones and a tooth), previously housed in a shrine in Phnom Penh in front of the railway station. This temple is a recent construction, but the panoramic sight from this location is spectacular.

From there you can take a path that runs along the ridge allowing you to visit each of the sites. From this side, it will take you along three stupas for former kings. The first one houses the remains of King Soryopor. The second one is inhabited by the corpse of King Norodom’s father King Ang Duong with four bayon style faces at the top. South again liesChediMoukPruhm, a bland concrete building holding the remains of King Monivong.

After a 10 to 20 minute climb from the base of the mountain you will be able to witness a wonderful view down to the surrounding Wats, rice fields and floodplains. On the other side of the mountain, there is ruin Chinese Buddhist statue. One of the most famous stories is the one which surrounds the old Chinese Buddha temple which now lays in a stage of disrepair on the southern most peak. This temple contains a large statue of Buddha built by the Chinese. Ordinarily a statue of Buddha is built to face the east to greet the rising sun, but this Buddha it was built to face China. It is thought that this was to move the power of a sleeping dragon that lies within the mountain over to China. After the visit, take a lunch at one of the shaded stalls at the foot of the mountain. You can bring your own picnic as most Cambodians would do. After lunch, you take a rest for the hottest part of the day. After take a rest, you start going to the WatTralengKeng where is call other name as a “Vang Chas” or “ the Old Place. In this pagoda, there are ruin building of the old palace where is the capaital city in the AnglongVek Period. You will know the history of Khmer city. Finally, we will go to the Wat Phnom Reap where there is a new temple. This temple was built in 1998. After visiting there, we come back to Phnom Penh, and in the rainy season, you can see a rice field along the road. In short, one day with tour package you can see lots of beautiful landscape and know about the story of dragon and the old palace.


Day One (-/L/-)
07:00AM                                                 Meeting point in front of Royal Palace

07:30AM                                                 Tour Bus leaves for Oudong Mountain

08:30AM                                                 Guests arrive at Oudong Mountain

08:30AM – 10:30AM                                 At Oudong Mountain

10:45AM                                                 Guests meet at Tour Bus

11:00AM – 12:30PM                                  Lunch

01:00PM                                                  Tour Bus leaves for Wat TralengKeng

01:30PM                                                  Guests arrive at Wat Traleng Keng

01:30PM – 02:00PM                                  At Wat Traleng Keng

02:00PM – 02:30PM                                  At Old Royal Palace

02:50PM                                                  Tour Bus leave for Wat Phnom Reap

03:00 PM                                                 Guests  arrive at Wat Phnom Reap

03:00PM — 03:30PM                                 At Wat Phnom Reap

03:30PM                                                  Guests meet at Tour Bus

03:45PM                                                  Tour Bus leaves for Phnom Penh

05:00PM                                                  Tour end in Phnom Penh

- Entrance Fee - Land Transportation: Bus and Driver - Meal: Lunch - English Tour Guide - Drinks (mineral water) - Tax /Service Fee
- Travel insurance - Flight Ticket - Visa fee - Personal expenses - Other expenses that are not specified - Hotel
For cancellation up to 3 days, a full refund will be given. For cancellation up to 1 days, 50% refund will be given.
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